Top 10 Nike Air Presto Sneakers

The Nike Air Presto made its debut way back in 2000 but this particular model hasn’t lost its charm and popularity up until today. This iconic shoe came into existence because of comfort issues that various sneaker-fans used to face during 90’s reign. The main motive behind its creation was to provide one with extra-comfort as well as flexibility and that’s why Nike tag-lined it as ‘A Shirt For Your Feet’.

Moreover, the name of this particular model itself has a history as its designer Tobie Hatfield wasn’t able to give his creation a suitable name. So, after receiving almost 300 name-submissions worldwide from various sneaker enthusiasts, one name perfectly justified its existence, ‘Presto Magic’. The Nike Air Presto is also remembered as the first major shoe designed for the US Olympic team in 2000 in Sydney.

So with all said, check out our today’s collection of Top 10 Nike Air Presto sneakers and find out why ‘Air Presto’ is so popular among sneaker-heads.