Air Jordan 14 Doernbecher’s images are here:

The Doernbecher Freestyle collection is a collaboration between the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Nike. The collection was unveiled quite recently at a charity event in Portland and it showcases some alternative versions of the Jordan 14 design. The original design was created by Ethan Ellis and this newest format specializes some custom colors as well as some advanced treatments to the sneakers that make them an extremely limited special edition.

The shoes were first inspired by work from the charity it was able to recently fix a patient’s congenital heart defect. The Doernbecher Freestyle collection will be raising money for that charity and it pays tribute to various treatments that have taken place within the hospital.

Doernbecher Jordans are based entirely off of the color palette for TCU. Through collaboration with the patient that received a congenital heart defect, the colors were chosen and they are made to represent the endurance that he’s faced for many surgeries. There’s also the names of the city where his heart transplant took place, the hospital’s worries received care and even some of his fellow patients.

The shoes are a fitting treatment to one patient’s journey and as a freestyle collection, they will be available in a very limited format. The speakers will be available for kids of all ages as well as for adults. The slated release for this special edition is set for December 7, 2019 and it’s important to look out for this purple, black, multicolour and white version of the Air Jordan’s while you can. The profile on this shoe is extremely striking and the accents leave it quite modern. The Interior soles and laces will turn heads and these are definitely one-of-a-kind limited-edition kicks.