Air Jordan 9 Racer Blue

The finish on these shoes is something to behold. They are breathtaking to look at when there’s plenty of light in the room. When the sunlight catches them, they can create a look that will capture attention anywhere. In a darker environment, the shoes are incredibly understated.

As the lights dim down, these are shoes that have somewhat of a flat grey finish. In the darker light, it also becomes much more comfortable to notice some of the smaller accents on the shoes. Without the distractions of the iridescent finish on the tops, you can begin to see some of the embellishments. The most impressive being a blue-accented insignia.

The blue insignia pressed into the seal also matches the vibrant insoles. Set in the same blue color, this adds a real splash when these are on display. While there are many Air Jordan’s that have a more natural and understated interior, these can deliver on almost every front with pops of color.

The Air Jordan 9 Blue Racer additions are not currently available from any major retailer, but you can pick them up in January of 2020 when they complete their first full release on Be sure to watch for them on the website as they are sure to sell quickly at the price point of $190.