The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Top UNC to CHI:

Air Jordan 1’s have long been a full tribute to Michael Jordan in his incredible career. The latest Air Jordan one retro hightops are designed to pay tribute to his astounding career from his NCAA championship up until his last shot against the Utah Jazz.

These ladies only high tops come in a retro colorway that’s completely unique. The UNC to CHI is a patented leather color profile that resembles the AJ1 fearless collection that was recently available. It uses the Bred toe with the color tones taken from the Chicago collection. It also introduces a series of its own unique touches like a matte black color profile of accents. There are rear overlays throughout the construction as well as a neon shade that makes up the UNC emblem across the shoe.

The pair produces an excellent profile and they are done in some fantastic colors. The classic Chicago red and the leather comfort of these shoes will have you feeling like you are in a pair of vintage Jordans but with the comfortable modern Jordan air one.

At $160, these retro Air Jordan ones are sure to move on shelves quite quickly. With a release date slated for February 14, 2020, we are still fairly limited in what the main details of the shoe will be. It will be just a matter of time before we see more than the foot profile of this release.

With further details on the main accents, we do know the basics of the colors, the logos that are used as well as more about the fit and form. It will be interesting to see more about the insoles and other key details of the shoe that will set it apart from a standard Jordan 1 Retro High top.