The Dame 6 Hecklers Pack introduces 4 new color profiles to Adidas

Damien Lillard has always been considered an NBA underdog but he has recently silenced his critics on the court and in the fashion world. Adidas hoops and Lillard have been collaborating for a series of seasons and the heckler color palette is perhaps one of the most exciting releases from this collaboration so far.

4 new color profiles are being worked into the hoops series with a brand-new style and a two-tone color scheme. The profiles are taken directly from some graffiti colors that are often found on heckler signs at games. Various fonts and messages that are inlaid into the shoes are also taken from some of these signs.

With a thinner white soul profile and a midsole that utilizes the same color pattern, the shoes really showcase the graffiti looks they offer to the fullest.

The funds blended quite well into the design and the accent text in white really accentuates the rending for Adidas. The design lines that are found throughout the heel and the tongue follow the branding well and accentuate the various colors. With the four main colors including red, blue, yellow and black there are beautiful looks that could be made to suit almost any style. When these products are available on the Adidas website there is definitely going to be a number of people buying them out. It’s also likely that the Dane six hecklers pack is going to be available at a number of select stores. Introducing the look of these sneakers offers a clever limited-edition that will resonate with fans of graffiti everywhere. You need to check out these color profiles to see the vibrant look that these shoes can create.

With a slated release of January 18, 2020, these are available for $110 and they are sure to fly off shelves with the demand for these colors.