The reflective upper Racer Blue Jordan 9’s are on the way for 2020:

We have some updates on the Racer Blue Jordan 9s. these are shoes that can absolutely pack a punch in with their extremely reflective upper region, these are definitely sneakers that will turn heads. Racer Blue is a profile that is known for the modifications that were made to the fabric along with the soles. Racer blue has natural form accents as well as features along the midsole’s.

The white color along the bottom is relatively calm but the upper portion is definitely designed with a look that is extremely high-impact. The white and the features on the bottom are very understated but the panelling above the mudguards has an absolutely astounding silvery finish that radiates in the light.

With any type of light, Racer Blues transform into electric shoes. When the lights go out or you are standing in a dark room, these shoes can be extremely understated and turn to a simpler grey style. The smallest touch of light will instantly capture the blue insignia which bears a more classic look and a modern Jordan style.

Most of the palette is extremely well matching even in low light but the accents are a massive step for creating electric feel with these Nikes.

The new release for these Nikes is set for January in 2020 and they are the perfect style for the new year. We will be awaiting some other product shots and an official launch for these sneakers, but they are sure to fly off shelves. Pre-orders are not currently being taken but the sneakers are going to retail for around US$190.

Stay tuned for more news on the Racer Blue Jordan 9’s set to come in 2020. We will be sharing more on this design as soon as we learn anything.