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An early look at the Adidas X9000L4

Photo: Adidas

This summer, Adidas look to be coming out with a brand new silhouette dubbed the Adidas X9000L4. Retailing for $150, the sneaker has only recently been officially announced by Adidas, but it is expected that they will release soon, in time for the holidays.

The Adidas X9000L4 looks to be coming in a mesh upper, with a plastic heel counter and synthetic overlays on the outside of the shoe. The sneaker features the classic three stripes branding on the sides of the upper, and the the standard Adidas logo can be found on the tongue. The sneaker also has some interesting technology in order to justify the high price point, containing a thick sole comprised of boost technology and laces that are held in place with FlyKnit-esque string, in order to give the shoe some support.

They have a very similar look to many of the Boost models Adidas released a few year ago, unlike the last few silhouettes that the brand have come out with. Although the eccentric sole suggests the main focus of the shoe is for casual usage, the overall shape of the silhouette looks very influenced by Adidas’ running models, particularly thanks to the model carrying very little excess weight. With that being said, the Boost cushioning and well supported upper makes the shoe more than capable of light exercise, as it has decent specs for a running shoe.

Around late 2015, Adidas Boost technology was all the rage, with the PureBoost and UltraBoost models taking the sneaker game by storm. Since then, Adidas have brought out brand new lifestyle silhouettes every year in order to re-capture their success; however, other than the Adidas NMD, this has been on the most part unsuccessful. The latest release was the Adidas Nite Jogger, that came out in early 2019, and although the general reception to the sneaker was positive, it did not catch on nearly as well as previous boost models have, and very soon after its original release, the shoe went on sale.

This could be why the Adidas X9000L4 seems to resemble the Adidas NMD more than any other recent Adidas sneaker. The X9000L4’s upper is a lot less bulky and is constructed from a single piece of mesh, and they also feature an interesting take on the standard Boost design. This is very similar to the NMD, which also had a simple upper, and its unique look stemming from the 2 plastic pods put on the midsole, so this may be the blueprint Adidas has decided to return to for their new model. Also, with the release of the Adidas X9000L4 being a lot closer to summer, the shoe is more likely to catch a buzz straight away, as this is the time that a light, breathable shoe would be in demand, rather than if the shoe came out in the winter, like the Nite Jogger.

So, if your interested in getting a pair for your self, look out for the Adidas X9000L4 hitting retailers over the next few weeks.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 380, Kanye West’s most comfortable sneaker to date

Photo: Hanzuying 

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 is one of Kanye West’s latest creations, and bares many similarities to the Yeezy 350 V2 that released in 2016. Released originally in December of last year, the sneaker has been a success, selling out on release and reselling for around $300, but wearers of the model have realized not only does it look great, but it also feels amazing. 

The Yeezy Boost 380 features a thin Primeknit upper, and a Boost midsole that is encased in a semi-translucent rubber. It has a very minimalist design, and other than the rope laces, the upper has no excess material on it. Important artistic choices on the shoe are the many extra lace holes, and the thick stripe on both sides of the upper. 

As well as the sneakers unique look, it has also received attention for its insane comfort. The Primeknit is very soft and conforms to the shape of your foot, and although the Boost is encased, it is still very springy, more so than any other Yeezy Boost model. 

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 is expected to return in July of this year, releasing in a “Blue Oat” colorway that will be covered in earthy tones, apart from the stripe that will be blue. It will retail for $230 and will be available from primarily Adidas’ own website and Yeezy Supply, but if you are not lucky enough to get them on release day, you can find them afterwards on StockX or Goat. 

Everything you need to know about the Adidas Climacool Vento

Photo: Adidas

It has been a long time since an Adidas Climacool sneaker has released, but this June we have received just that. After dropping on the 1st of June, the Adidas Climacool Vento has sat on shelves thanks to its bizarre look, but if you are looking for a practical shoe for the summer, this model is your best option.

The Adidas Climacool Vento is made up of a breathable SUMMER.RDY Knit upper, that is supported by a synthetic overlay, in order to give both stability and make sure the sneaker doesn’t get too warm. The upper also features a plastic heel cup, and in terms of branding, it has three stripes on the side of the model, and a Climacool logo on the tongue. The midsole is what is turning most heads however, as it features a Boost midsole that is split up into sections, in order to allow the sole to stay ventilated.

The Adidas Climacool Vento is the first model to use Climacool technology alongside Boost cushioning, in order to create an experience that is not only comfortable under foot, but will also allow your feet to remain cool in higher temperatures. With summer now underway, this is the perfect sneaker to get, and its stable upper and soft cushioning would also make these shoes great for exercise too.

So far 4 colorways of the Adidas Climacool Vento have released, with a 6th dropping on the 17th of June in a Cloud White colorway. They are available now from Adidas’ online store and will set you back $140.

The Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase and the incredible story behind it

Photo: Nike

The Air Max 90 FlyEase is Nike’s latest sneaker that combines one of their most iconic silhouettes with their FlyEase technology. Created by brothers, Tinker and Tobie Hatfield, the shoe was made to celebrate 30 years of the Air Max 90, and create a version that would be easy to put on and accessible to everyone.

The Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase has the same mesh and leather upper as the original Air Max 90, and the same TPU accents around the laces. Where this model differs from the standard Air Max 90 however, is the brand new heel, which is designed to collapse when pressure is put on it, allowing the wearer to slide their feet in as if it was a slipper. Once their foot is in, it will pop back up to ensure that the fit is secure.

For the last few years Nike has produced easy to lace versions of classic shoes, so that anyone, no matter their physical condition, can take part in sneaker culture independently. This was achieved by a 16 year old named Matt Walzer who got in contact with Nike, telling them that because of his cerebral palsy, he was unable to tie his shoe laces, so to help him achieve his goal of becoming fully self-sufficient, could they create a shoe with a closure system that allowed anyone to put them on by themselves. Famous Nike designer, Tobie Hatfield, had already been working on this idea, but thanks to the letter, he was given the go ahead to design a shoe with FlyEase, as the closure system came to be known, for the masses. Since Walzer’s letter in 2012, Nike has been consistently producing FlyEase versions of their classic shoes, recently creating an Air Jordan 1 FlyEase that sold out no different to the original model, consequently allowing more people to not only be able to put on their own shoes, but also to be able to experience the beauty of sneakers with everyone else. 

For the Air Max 90 FlyEase, the Hatfield brothers had set their sites on making the shoe even easier to put on. What they wanted to do was replace the straps and wires on a traditional FlyEase sneaker, for a system that didn’t require any hands. Their new collapsible heel allows the wearer to slip into the sneaker with minimal fuss, whilst keeping the classic look of the Air Max 90 intact. Tinker and Tobie hadn’t set out to make a brand new version of the Air Max 90, rather they had set out to make the smallest and most practical adjustment to it, that would make it accessible to anyone.

The Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase is currently available in pink and blue, triple-white or white and gold, and seems to have been popular so far. There have been a few complaints about the heel, however this seems to stem from a lack of knowledge of the reasoning behind it, as once people are filled in on its purpose, the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. If you are interested in a pair, they are now available from Nike’s online store and will cost you $120.

An early look at Pharrell Williams’ latest collaboration with Adidas

Photo: Adidas

Adidas have collaborated with Musician Pharrell Williams for some time now, on many popular sneakers, and we have just gotten a look at their next project. Reportedly made in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Adidas Superstar, we are expecting their release before the end of the year.

Initially previewed over on Pharrell Williams’ Instagram page, we have now got official images from the brand with the three stripes themselves. The upper looks to be a simple white Primeknit, but with other colored Primeknit messily patched on. This includes a yellow strip, down the lateral side of the shoe, and black and green knit on the medial side. Other than that, the shoe is relatively plain, except for Pharrell’s “Human Race” branding on the heel, and 3M reflective material woven into the laces.

The Virginia born singer, designer and entrepreneur is most well-known in the sneaker world for his unique mono-colored NMD models that released back in 2016, but since then he hasn’t been able to reach nearly the same levels of hype on any of his other sneakers. He has recently collaborated on the BYW 2.0 and the Adidas 4D Runner that have both sat on shelves, and from the response toward his new Superstar model, it will likely meet the same fate. That in no way means it’s a bad model, and there are sure to be lots of people out there who like the sneaker, but if you are one of them, then maybe wait until it goes on sale before copping.

Top 10 Custom Nike TN Sneakers

The Nike TN or Nike tuned 1 was originally released back in the year 1998 and it has become one of the most collectible forms of Nikes. The original TN line introduced a kinetic energy harnessing cushion, a new upper gradient and some unique color designs. TN is a shoe that harnessed its own bad boy reputation.  They are collectible that is known for their status and look as well as for the performance that athletes can unlock by choosing them over the competition. Some unique colors in the Nike TN can introduce the perfect collectible. Keep some of these top custom Nike TN colors in mind for your next sneaker purchase:

These tan and black style sneakers resemble the look of shifting sands or some unique rock formations. The snake style pattern and the subtle looks make these a great fashion choice for high fashion looks or just for keeping in a collection.

Top 10 Custom Nike Airmax 270 Sneakers

The Air Max has been a collectable shoe since the year 1987 with the air max 270 being one of the premiere shoes to consider. In the year 2018, Air max released this version containing a more modern material and unique color designs. The 270 was named for its 270 degrees of visibility on the air unit of the air max design. Perhaps one of the most widely collectable versions of the Airmax are products that also come with their own unique colors. Here 10 highly collectable versions of the Nike Airmax 270:

These mint airmax 270s feature a gel backing and a brightly colored mint style swoosh and backing color. Overall, these will be a favourite for collectors of bright and clean styles. The bases and the color pattern make them futuristic and cool.

Top 10 Custom Vapormax Plus Sneakers

The Nike Vapormax Colorway is one of the most popular shoes on the market for collectors and for athletes. If you are seeking a quality example of this popular type of Nike shoe, we can help you decide on what to get based on some of these top custom color patterns:

The Red and Black style Vapormax plus style features a colorblock that is bright and extremely vibrant. With a Ferrari style red and a deep black, this is a product which is bound to turn heads whether they are on the track or in your collection.

Top 10 Custom VaporMax Sneakers

The newest version of the Nike Vapormax cushioning first debuted in 2016 with a colorway designed for the Tokyo Olympics. The Vapormax is not only known for its aggressive design and high performance results but also for being a shoe that is one of the most sustainable Nike has ever produced. The Vapormax is highly collectable for an environmentalist crowd and for those that like performance footwear. Using at least 50% recycled materials, the yarn on board is also produced using 67% industrial components. The functionality and the improvements to the shoe make it an excellent material for its performance and for its ease of wear. If you are considering a set of Vapormax for your collection, here are some astounding custom color profiles you can choose from:

This gel pink style pays the perfect tribute to the vapormax design while also showcasing a modern and futuristic color pattern. The pink is bound to capture the attention of those that like bubble gum tones. The clear bottom and the subtle markings along the soles create a contrast from the matte colors along the mesh.

Top 10 Custom Adidas NMD Sneakers

The Adidas NMD was first produced in NYC and launched in the year 2015. The company was set to build off the success of the Ultraboost and include a new design. Including the Boost technology and creating a new blend of classic designed 3 stripe sneakers was the aim and the NMD is a design that has continued to impress. NMD have been a collectable since the year 2018 and the newest editions are here in the form of these custom and collectable top 10 Adidas NMD.

This neon and silver sparkle colorway brings together some of the classic looks from this design alongside some glitter and design improvements. If you are the type of person that likes a bit of extra flair in your design, you are going to love the custom glitter style Adidas symbols as well as the brightly colored sole bottoms. The custom touches on this product will make them truly stand out in a crowd.