A look at the Nike Air Max 270, the first life-style Air Max model



Photo: Nike

The Nike Air Max 270 released at the start of February 2018, as the first Nike Air Max model to be designed to be used casually. This is quite a shocking fact at first, because this certainly isn’t the first time Air Max’s have been worn casually, however this is the first time an Air Max shoe has been designed with no particular performance aspects. All previous Air Max’s have been made for sports, like running with the Air Max 90, or basketball for example the Air Max Penny 1. It is only now, after the models have become outdated performance wise, and have been re-released years after their original creation, that the Air Max has become known for its lifestyle capability’s.

The Air Max 270 is made up of a mesh and knit upper with a one piece tongue for a more comfortable fit, however the most important part of the shoe is its giant air bubble in the heel. Roughly 32 mm tall, the Air Max 270 has the largest air bubble in any of Nike’s shoes. It is so big that when it first released, everyone was worried that it would be easy to pop, whereas in actual fact the air bubble is encased in a very strong rubber that makes the shoe a lot more durable than some of its counterparts.

The shoe has had a decent level of success, and the new look seems to be a breath of fresh air for consumers, however the shoe has faced some challenges. Early last year, it became apparent that the Air Max branding on the sole of the shoe, closely resembled the Arabic word for “Allah.” A petition was made for the shoes with the offensive branding to be recalled, and Nike made a statement, declaring that the resemblance was accidental and they had no intention of offending anyone. The original Nike Air Max 270 still carries the branding, however Nike has removed it from the soles of its newer models.

One of those newer models, is the Air Max 270 React, the latest version of the Air Max 270, that has received the same critical acclaim. The difference is that it features Nike React, one of Nike’s popular cushioning systems, that is made from a foam, and has featured on multiple running models in the last year. The Air Max 270 React is also the shoe Houston artist, Travis Scott, has decided to collaborate with Nike on next. Expected to release in April, the new model features similar dull tones as Scott’s previous releases, but with a more beaten, aged look.

Nike took a gamble 2 years ago when they released the Air Max 270, but clearly it has paid off and Nike have credited the shoe for being a big part of their success in 2018. Since the 270’s release, Nike has put the same bubble into many new models, such as the Jordan mars 270, the Air Max 270 React ENG, and exactly one year later, Nike released the Air Max 720, featuring another large air bubble, that takes up the entire mid sole. With such an impact already, the Nike Air Max 270 has put some life back into the Air Max line, and now with big celebrity’s supporting the shoe, it remains one of the hottest shoes out right now.