Everything you need to know about the Air Jordan 4 Metallic pack

Air Jordan 4 Metallic

Photo: AIR Jordan

On the 20th of May, Jordan Brand will be releasing a pack of four different Air Jordan 4’s as part of what has been dubbed the “Metallic” pack. Just in time for the summer, these are the perfect shoes to wear outside once lock down ends, and will set you back $190.

The collection includes four air Jordan 4’s that are all covered in a classic white leather, with metallic accents. The color of these accents are different for each shoe, coming in purple, orange, green and red. These accents can be found on the tongues inner lining, the Jumpman logo on the tongue, the Jumpman on the heel and on the king shaped eyelets.

Although this is the first time these colorways have been put on a Jordan 4, they were actually one of the first colorways ever put on a Jordan. When the Air Jordan 1 released in 1985, it was released in a range of mostly simple, yet unique, styles, including classics like the Bred’s, the Black toe’s, the Chicago’s and the Royals. However, there was a set of four Air Jordan 1’s that released the first time the shoe came out, and these were the Metallic’s. Like the new Air Jordan 4 collection, they came in purple, orange, red, and green, and are now almost extinct, with the few pairs that have been sold online going for thousands of dollars.

Although now they would be extremely valuable, they are still a lot less well known than their Jordan 1 brothers and sisters that released along side them, and this could be down to their more unique look that didn’t feat the normal conventions for an Air Jordan 1. However, with the sneaker industry blowing up, creating all kinds of styles and sub genres for every kind of shoe, their style would be a lot more appreciated in today’s age.

This is likely why they have resurfaced once again, however the decision to put the colorway on a Jordan 4 is a smart one, that is likely to attract a lot more attention. This is firstly because white leather colorways of the Jordan 4 are a lot more common, and so the shoe has a better chance of being accepted on this model, but also because lots of people are starting to get tired of the Air Jordan 1.

As crazy as it is to say it, the Air Jordan 1 has been releasing so frequently in so many colorways, that many sneaker heads have lost interest unless the colorway is OG. If Jordan were to make an Air Jordan 1 “metallic” pack, they would be making four more of an already overproduced shoe. That is why it makes sense for them to release the colorways on the Air Jordan 4, that is released a lot less frequently, but is still a very popular sneaker.

So, if you are interested in copping your own pair, whether its for the looks or the history, they should be readily available online from Nike and most other big sneaker retailers on the 20th of May. In case they sell out, it is recommended that you are prepared to buy them at launch, however with four colorways releasing at the same time, there should be enough to go around.