130 class whitetail deer

This isnt his cape. Like Knife2sharp said, it would take an exceptional 8 to make 130. I am extremely happy with him! 134" gross, 129" net. Something I've never done before. That way you may save a young buck who may be 130" and a year or two more could produce a great buck and maybe shoot a 125" buck that's 5 1/2 yo but will never get any better. Within minutes of snapping the picture, you can have a score of the deer before he even offers you a shot opportunity! you should ask for 130 inch trail camera pictures, this will help you alot. This allows you to reference the measurements of the ear (7-8”) and eye to nose tip (7-8”).

sorry guys. Is it pretty easy to tell a 130 incher? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Do any of you have some pics of 130 class bucks? Tasty too!

This buck’s tines can roughly be summed to roughly 18 inches. He just wants 130 class which means gross. The article below will walk you through how to quickly and effectively field score a buck. 139 whitetail.

139 whitetail. Combined the reference points equal 14-16 inches, so this deer can easily be estimated to have a 19-20 inch main beam measurement. If this buck would have had 2 more tines at 3 inches in length he would have been in close to 140. He is 143 2/8 Net. He is another 4.5 year old. Not many 8 pt. lodge fee : 200 per day.

No matter where you hunt, some bucks have more potential than others, and you'll never know if you don't let 'em grow.

I would pay good money to have someone post a 143 7/8" net buck for Roger..... LOL caribou77!! Today’s advancements in trail cameras have tremendously cut back on the guesswork and these questionable encounters. They are the furthest from the reference points but also can be subject skewed estimations based on view angles, or when additional points on the tine are present. I didn't realize how good he was until I watched the video later. Probably not a big reason to show the LO this thread since this went down 4 yrs ago. Remember most size restrictions are based on gross scoring not net, so you have some lee way, but as others have said, to make it with an 8pt would be 1 of the "binoculars not needed" deer but any decent 10pt should make it in most mid western areas. If the antler looks roughly ¾ of the eye circumference it is most likely in the 3-inch range. But, I had to agree to shoot a buck in the 143 7/8" range.......Does anyone have a pic of one exactly that size? Thanks again. ok far right netted 138 3/8 second in from right netted 144 7/8. Just remember that tine length will really make the difference. All bucks, regardless of how many tines they have always will be measured with four circumference measurements.

This buck ended up netting 125 1/8 inches.

Of his g2s and 3s, the shortest is 10 4/8 and longest is 12. In the case of this buck, the main beam is significantly longer than the ear and eye to nose tip measurements combined. Today’s advancements in trail cameras have tremendously cut back on the guesswork and these questionable encounters. However, you can do two things to greatly improve your odds at estimating the buck’s score correctly. 130" deer whether it is gross or net is a very nice deer most anywhere! This is going to be tougher than I thought :), The one on the left is 135 gross 126 2/8 net.

A little over 135 in this picture before he broke his brow tines. You said "in the 143 7/8 range"....just make sure it is 5/8 bigger then this one:^). After you have referenced your initial measurements you will be ready to start field scoring the buck. A buck's ear will be about 7" long. Probably kind of risky the way I entered into it. He may be the grandson of the other buck I posted. I would actually see if you could make a deal around maturity - maybe bucks that are 4 1/2+ yo. Just got this one on 11/8. Either way, it's going to have to be a mature buck of 3.5 or older, or a 2.5 year old with crazy genetics and great feed. Add the lengths of the G2, G3 and G4 (if present) multiply by 2 and add 95. Out of these co

If the buck is relatively symmetrical, you will simply be able to score one antler and multiply it by two. Would love to know how this lease worked out anyway. Thanks for all the pics by the way. "Most of these pictures are accurate for score but some must be using a very inaccurate tape measure or just flat out have no idea how to score...". The first step will be estimating the buck’s spread. Most 8 pointers will not book, let alone make 130".

When field scoring deer, your best reference point to get an idea of the frame size will be the buck’s ears, eyes, and nose. So what is the difference between gross and net? Same rack configuration. I haven't scored my deer for a while but I'm guessing this one to be 130's, The one on the left grossed 138" and netted 135 7/8 officially.

Thanks 12yards! however i do agree i will never let an 8pt like that walk ever. For instance, if you see a giant eight-point main frame like this, you better shoot. Here is a 8pt my brother shot when it was still alive. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. guide fee : 175 for 1 on 1-125 per hunter for 2 on 1. non hunter : $175 per night. As I posted this deer nets 133"s as a typical. I bet the owner does no what a true 130 looks like. You can always tell a 130 incher......but you can't tell him much. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. hes a clean 8 and i thought for sure he was way more than that when I shot but it is true an eight has to be exceptional to be over 130.

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