ad08r vs re71r

Tires are also just more expensive. The AD08R's and ZII's last WAY longer than the RS3's, and RE71R's way WAY faster than RS3's do. Yokohama would like to entice some of these racers away from their current tires, and they've invested in a tire sponsorship with the series to make their case.

215/45/17. The AD08R's and ZII's last WAY longer than the RS3's, and RE71R's way WAY faster than RS3's do. Are you looking for best grip regardless of price, best bang for the buck or something that has decent grip but will have decent tire wear?

R888R has the potential to be just as good but it's too new so there's not a lot of reviews for it. Don't mind driving them 2-3 hours to the track and they're actually find around town. Hi. This car can be surprisingly quick around the Sonoma Raceway course, though it tends to break axles, bearings, and wheel hubs… and eat tires. Tires are also just more expensive. 2018 TT RS - Nogaro Blue | CF Inlays | Black Optic | Design Selection Interior | Red Calipers | Technology Package, Are you referring to the older R888 or the new. We asked him to evaluate the AD08R.

Although I haven't tried these specific models, over the past 10+ years I've found Toyo to be superior to Bridgestone for both track and street. Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum - FT86CLUB, SOLD: Falken Azenis 615K Tires (4) Brand New.

I've run Maxxis, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Roadstone, Falken, Goodyear and now Yokohama tires and it's always a balance between grip and life. Register or Log In now! They may not like "soft" tires.. or "hard" tires.. or "cheap" tires, or "expensive" tires. IMO, none of them are good options for pure street driving, they need some heat to work, will be noisy and stiff.

As part of this admittedly puzzling sponsorship deal, Yokohama sent an 18-wheeler full of tires and tire-mounting gear to the Sears Pointless 24 Hours of Lemons race last month, offering free mounting and balancing to all comers (even those running Roadstones, Ironmans, or Hella Sweet Dominators).

I dont want slicks as ill be driving to the track, just want a bit of tread in case it rains.

One of the fundamental rules of this type of racing — be it Lemons, Lucky Dog, World Racing League, ChampCar, American Endurance Racing, or others like them — is the requirement that teams run DOT-legal street tires with a minimum treadwear rating of 180 to 200.

I'm looking forward to a wet event, as all reports say these are great in the rain. Hankook Ventus RS4 is absolutely brilliant.

Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page. Thanks to the super-nice crew who are hopefully not all totally going to get fired for this sponsorship idea. For the price they have great dry grip, probably a little below RS-3s levels but I haven't tested them in the same sizes as my RS3s so it's hard to compare apples to apples. To undermine my credibility Yokohama gave me another set of AD08Rs to try, so we'll see how they do after an extra few sets of heat cycles— but so far this is a solid choice for Lemons. AD08 and the Azenis are both made in Japan as well. Wear fast, so no highway.

If not r-comp, the answer is BFG Rival S 1.5 or the RE71R. In my experience the grip champ is the Bridgestone RE71R, but bring two sets for a weekend - and they're spendy. Not race rubber, but very sticky. It is in … Watch NHRA's DeJoria Escape Huge Fireball in Texas. That's because it's being replaced by the RS4. They also handed out free tires to some teams that happened to be pitted near them, including the team captained by Anton Lovett. The price of a RE71R in a 205/50-15 has gone up 10% in the past 3 years. The difficulty of asking others is, well, they don't drive like you on the same tracks. Are you planning to use these on the street, or will they go on separate wheels that you will only use for autocross? Light travels faster than sound, so people may appear to be bright until you hear them speak... Never been a big fan of the Azenis, honestly. Of the tires in the thread title, only the 888 is R compound. I believe the Yokes are relatively new, hence a smaller pool of folks to get feedback from vs the Bridgestones or Michelins. Don't forget about the R-S4 which just came out this month, Ok, the RS3 V2 in 215/45/17 is out of stock. The pilot super sports are probably your best bet for a good sticky pure street tire. I have been working for the 24 Hours of Lemons race series for nearly a decade, and I raced a Volvo 244 in Lemons before that. Won't buy again.

That's because it's being replaced by the RS4. You and I come from very different … I've always tried to find one I liked and use it until they aren't available or are superceeded. Most guys I see at the AutoX run the RE-71R. Nitto NT01 and the Maxxis RC-1 are also tires you might want to consider and are in the same class grip-wise as the RE-71R. Drivers report that they hear late-1980s-style guitar solos at the moment the green flag waves. Toyo R888R vs. Bridgestone Re-71r Guest-only advertisement. RE71Rs work well as a non-slick track tire.

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