aurora mako mermaids

This is set in 1984, I have a timeline drawn up and will be in the AN note at the end. Coral looked ready to say something in return.

Aquata shares her name with another mermaid from Disney's The Little Mermaid film and television series. "Why do you talk weird?" The mermaids have been left behind at Mako Island while the Pod has left. Coral asked, apparently not believing her. The new Mermaid turned around to face her and Aurora was reminded instantly of Vanora. I'm worried for my daughter's safety. The blonde Mermaid smiled, "welcome to our Pod Rita.". Aurora backed off slightly. She stopped beside some branched coral. Aquata is a character on "Mako Mermaids".

She had been but she liked the idea of going to the reef, there were so many different fish she'd never seen before and even a turtle.

The wiki is about Mako Mermaids anyone can edit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kelby told her they were allowed to go right up to Mako, some Mermaids often sunbathed in the very shallows, but they weren't allowed anywhere near the mainland to the West. Aurora had said she didn't want to go to Mako and Marisol hadn't reacted the best. Marisol was in a far better mood than Aurora had ever seen before. She's already terrified, so you've won. Go and celebrate somewhere else and take your ramoras away with you.".

They'll be training with you in Mermaid School.

Mako Mermaids (2013– ) Episode List. Aquata is friends with fellow mermaid, Maya. Lyla (friend). "I have to go now sweetie," Marisol smiled so sweetly at her before she hugged her,"Be good mija*, I will see you again.". 1998 - Mimmi is born. "Au-" she began before remembering that wasn't meant to be her anymore, " my name's Rita.". The Spanish version of this wiki is looking for admins: Mako Mermaids Wikia. She asked.

The island loomed above her, the sloping sand shores giving way to jungle. "There are a few other Mermaids your age here, you'll fit in with them. She liked them though. Mermaids are one of the most popular mythological creatures ever. Aurora kept her head down and caught a flash of orange as Marisol left her. "You don't need to be sorry. She'd seen sharks before, even been trapped by some until some dolphins scared them off one time, but the ones here seemed friendlier. The other two were both blonde. As a mermaid, she had the ability to swim at super speed of 600km/h, hold her breath for more than fifteen minutes, and dive at a depth lower than any ordinary human being is capable of. Aurora swam up to the surface. Mako Mermaids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Zac advises caution but Mimmi is determined to find out what happened to her. "Safe travels then.

They may not have liked her, besides Ambrose at least, but they didn't like seeing her hurt. 1978 - Aurora's born. "Yeah." Nguyet had seen those marks on her arm. She, along with the rest of the pod, abandoned Lyla, Sirena, and Nixie after they let a boy into the Moon Pool during a Full Moon. * The Barents Sea is off the north west coast of Russia, 2004 - Mimmi is left at Mako by Nerissa and Zac is left on land, 2004 (after Mimmi left at Mako) - Aurora/Rita leaves Mako, 2004 - Nerissa is turned into the Dragon and destroys Eastern Pod. His new found merman abilities will cause problems for the mermaids.

Aurora's story, starting with the night that Dragon came and going back to her childhood to see her reasons for the carnage she caused. She was too. the middle one asked. She didn't want to be left alone. It was so warm here. "I'll show you mine. Featured Articles have been updated. The Mermaid with the extravagant shells asked.

Aurora hadn't been used to swimming long distances, she'd never been allowed to swim far and found the swim hard. She is a member of the pod who always follows the rules. "How old are you Rita?"

Starts with a short story. "You're allowed to keep all your shells?" Example: The fact it’s mentioned many times that the Mako Island Aurora had always thought the whole idea of Pods and their importance wasn't real, that it was just something played up for some reason, but the sudden change in Vanora's attitude was enough to convince her it was real. ", Marisol smiled sadly, "I have no doubt she will.". She hadn't seen any turtles before.

Season 3 (4 on Netflix) spoilers. "I'm Veridia. Aurora lifted her head again. "I can show you where the sleeping caves are. Mako could actually be a real home for her and Marisol would never be able to get to her again. With the face and torso of a woman, her lower half is always represented with a fishtail. "Where are you from then, Rita?" She wasn't sure what to do. ", Marisol hadn't. Aurora wasn't allowed to hide anything from her, not even the smallest Cowrie shell. Yet it was now. Another Mermaid surfaced, only she appeared in front of Aurora, facing Coral, Ula and whoever the other blonde was.

Marisol had told her wasn't allowed to use her name.

Maybe they were common here though.

She'd lived in multiple places - the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, the English Channel, the North Sea even the Barents Sea* for a few Moon Cycles.

"We were only teasing," Coral said defensively. One of the blondes asked. Vanora asked me to show you around Mako.". Until then she was supposed to speak as little as possible so that no Mermaid would be able to look back sometime in the future and remember she had once been different from them. Nixie (friend)

Ambrose told her sharks that lived around Mermaids were more aggressive to humans but kinder to Mermaids.

Your review has been posted. Marisol had explained she'd travelled South to see if there was any chance the Pod would accept her daughter, based on tales she'd heard of Mako's welcoming atmosphere towards other Mermaids from all waters. She was supposed to loose her accent too and replace it with the local one that the rest of the Pod used. Rita, isn't it?" I want her to be safe and I believe this is the safest place for her.". The Mermaids ducked under the water and disappeared. She was free of Marisol. That night, when the full moon rises, Zac comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool. It's rude to ignore people. "You don't want Ambrose to get hurt because of you, do you? It's kind of boring but we start using our Powers soon so things will get more interesting then.". It was the fifth day of swimming that they finally reached Mako island. She didn't actually know. She saw how they looked at her whenever Marisol lost her temper and she suffered the consequences. "Things are changing up North, Selene. Isn't she a Mako Mermaid too?? Veridia tilted her head slightly.

Coral spoke again. There were seahorses with their tails curled to the coral. Aurora's arrival at Mako.

She didn't like the whole situation. Aurora didn't like not having them with her but when Vanora had offered she hadn't wanted to refuse. The poor dear almost didn't make it," Marisol said, smiling at Aurora while she spoke the last part. Aurora managed to laugh.

She had dark skin and black curly hair and had smiled brightly at Aurora, before she had lowered her head.

There's a good place out past the reefs closer to the forbidden land that always has lots of shells.

The others didn't care enough to watch her constantly and report her movements back to Marisol, so she had meagre doses of freedom. Aurora just nodded. She seemed to be studying Aurora. I think it’s canon that Mermaids don’t need mermen to hatch more She didn't like how the tanned, blonde Mermaid beside the Mermaid who was speaking looked at her. 1984 - Aurora joins Mako Pod. Selene had said she could start exploring the reef, if she wasn't too tired from swimming. She had even stopped to let Aurora collect some shells on their journey south as to replace the ones broken from the day before they left. Has your Mother given you any training? Aurora lowered her head and studied the water. 2004 - Nerissa is turned into the Dragon and destroys Eastern Pod. Aquata is a character on "Mako Mermaids".

It was a longer swim here than I had expected. Ambrose had waited until Marisol went off to speak to Chau before quietly telling her how he glad he was that she would be away from Marisol. Despite this, Aquata has a very close relationship with her younger sister, Sirena, and, before leaving, even gives her sister her Moon Ring.

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