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It consists of two major areas – West and East Necluda.

"Into the Vortex" is one of 42 Shrine Quests in LoZ: BotW. Pumaaag Nitae – Somewhere between Finra Woods (to the west) and Pagos Woods (to the east), at ground level. You’ll need to get here first. If you have everything on the maps and still have a couple of orbs missing then you have incomplete shrines.

Kaya Wan Shrine: Shields from Water.

This page lists all the Shrine Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . Thanks again! Namika Ozz – In the northeast of Central Hyrule, in the center of Crenel Hills. Find the side overgrown with thorns, burn them away and use a bomb on the breakable rocks and reveal the shrine. It encompasses the area east of Mount Agaat, west of Zirco Mesa, south of Hemaar’s Decent and north of the Desert, with Gerudo Summit in the center. Getting to the end of the shrine is usually not that hard, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a spirit orb. Suma Sahma – Between Mount Granajh and Daval Peak. ┣Common Easter Eggs List I just completed every shrine, the set is amazing. Myahm Agana – At the entrance to Hateno Village, up on the hill.

“Trial of Second Sight” shrine quest is an easy one. Kema Zoos – There’s a part of a skeleton where the mountains curve to the north.

Is there a hidden spirit orb or something?

Anyone know the name of this shrine and how to solve it?

Shee Vaneer – This shrine is just across the Shee Venath.

Although I’ve completed almost all the shrines, I would like to see the chart you’ve made.

Central Tower. UPDATE: What follows is information we had on this page before the game came out and gives general information about shrines in Zelda BotW. Um I found a 13th one in west necludia called Dow na’eth, We listed it under Lanayru Shrine Locations. You can also reach it by gliding from the top of the mountain opposite the entrance. Kema Kosassa – On the eastern slope of Mount Agaat, north of Risoka Snowfield.

This is a list of equipment in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


This was a tough one to solve. Keeha Yoog – On the east side of Gerudo Summit, find the large mural of lighting bolts and a mound in the middle on the mountain wall. There is a town called Goron City here, as well. Use the same method for the red ball, but this time, hit it from the area where it stands.

For example: Saying that the shoe store is west of K-mart, versus saying; to get to the shrine first go north of J Street, to the right of the fire hydrant find the path leading to downward to the underground, traverse the labyrinth to find the store which ends up being west of K-mart on your map. ■Search for Barta Why would you RE-NUMBER them starting from 1 in each region instead of just using the same damn numbering from the map picture.

What about Joloo Nah Shrine? Voo Lota – West of Rito Village, north of Passer Hill, in Warbler’s Nest. More than half of your directions were wrong.

I spent pretty much half of today hunting down the 15 shrines I was missing using a map online and cross referencing it with the in game map.

+6 central hyrule From Magda, who gives you the quest, follow the path to your left.

Ke’nai Shakah – In the norther part of Ulria Grotto, in the southeast of the region. Especially if you need something. + 12 west necluda

This is so infuriating, it all adds to 120 and I have every single one but still only says 118. We were in a big rush to create this guide and it went through dozens of revisions as we were adding more detailed and better descriptions. Rok Uwog – West of North Tabantha Snowfield, just above the second I in Pikida Stonegrove, on one of the lower levels. I know when you add all these numbers in the guide is 120 but I checked for myself a couple times so idk why I’m missing 1. also gonna add a column that says how many chests are to be found inside. I’ve gone through and checked every section and made sure I have all the shrines and as far as i can see I do, without having to count.

It drives me mad…. 118! There, you’ll find the Seven Heroines statues. The third one is a the furthest point of the crescent-shaped peninsula called Soka Point. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of You’ve already done so much, but these additions would make for the absolute most perfect guide!

Lanayru Tower.

Would have made it easier to have kept the numbers the same.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Destroy one of the stones, get the ore (Luminous Stone) and put it on the mound. (Sorry about missing that! ┣Dueling Peaks I wasted about 2 hours last night because I thought it was just sitting out in the open. These shrines are in the area that you add to the map when you activate Must be that! Damia gives the shrine quest called “The Test of Wood”. Volkanis, that shrine you are talking about “gerude desert west of #2” is included in the Gerudo highlands map. now for battling is another thing , Hedra nr16: need to wait until 13:00 so that the shadow heart of the rito rock shines on it and make a fire on the platform, Hyrule ridge #6 under the blood moon, Mijah Rokee shrine, a modest test of strength, #20. look south east from the summit and you’ll see tiny water with trees around it. Your email address will not be published. Offer one of. Umm I’m at 119/120, without having to post them would someone maybe be able to tell me which two are missing on this list Thank you . It’s best to do so at night. I created a simple checklist for shrines Something easy to print and check off as you do each shrine to keep track of which ones you still have remaining. (If you are interested, I can share the chart with you as well.) I had a similar issue with only 119 showing when everything matched the maps on this site.

You can also filter out the shrines you've already completed.This app comes in handy when you're trying to figure out what's left to explore or if you've already completed a region.

I don’t know how to open the gate tho, 20 is called To quomo shrine, go north of hebra north summit downhill till you see two doors roll a snowball into them. Could you please share with m? Clear these and you should have full spirit orbs. You’ll have to go inside and find a large stone brazier and ignite it. It might be on the list, but it isn’t on the picture. You’re missing Ya Naga Shrine on an island in the middle of Lake Hylia. The shrine is located just below it. Or even just hit the shrines without the chest icon. For Shine 9 on Akkala Shrine Locations you can Just Jump of The Side and use Your Paraglider Once your A good Distance Pull out your Bow and Use bomb Arrows to take down the Rocks.

Shoda San – Behind the Riola Spring waterfall. Dow Na’eh – This one was placed here as I found it later on in the game.

There are several large stones (some of them you can move with magnesis).

Goma Asaagh – Paraglide down the southwestern side of Hebra Peak until you see the shrine. It stretches from the sea in the east to Death Mountain in the west, and from the far north of the map to Toto Lake and Ploymus Mountain in the south. Eldin is a region in the northeast. Use your bombs to propel a mine cart across the rails in the lava. It’s west of Karusa Valley, northwest of West Gerudo Ruins. It is well tucked in, behind a large waterfall. There seems to always be raining in this region. Enjoy your shrine-hunting trip, I hope it will be as exciting as it was for me. ┗Enemies List, ■ Miscellaneous The map is divided into regions for easier usage. Last note I’d like to mention #11 Tho Kayu Shrine of Gerudo Desert only appears visible under the “M” of Toruma Dunes if the player is viewing the map at 2x zoom. I’ve updated the guide with detailed instructions on how to uncover it. This guide is very helpful, however on some of the more important/easily missable shrines it’s very vague and time wasting.

Jitan Sa’mi – On top of Mount Lanayru, you’ll see the Spring of Wisdom, guarded by Naydra, the dragon spirit. Shae Katha – North of Dracozu Lake, behind the statue of Goddess Hylia in the Spring of Courage. ┣Wasteland Kah Okeo – East of Rayne Highlands and the Ancient Columns. Raqa Zunzo – Head south of Gerudo Town to the Sand Seal Rally spot after you defeat the Divine Beast. Tutsuwa Nima – Located in the Spring of Power. ┗Cooking Recipes. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O.

Sasa Kai – Go to Gerudo Tower and talk to Kass.

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┣Mini-Games Guide Directory To get inside the castle, watch it from the mountain on the northwest. ┣How to Get the Dark Link Outfit All references to "Zelda" and "Breath of the Wild" in the app name, keywords, and description are solely for the purpose of identifying the purpose of the app for potential users. You can glide through the watefall, or simply go over the path beside it. You can ACTIVATE shrines for fast travel but when you complete the puzzle and claim the orb only then it is COMPLETED.

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