hms orion ww2

destroyers RADAR AT SEA by D. Howse and THE DEVELOPMENT [24], The Grand Fleet sortied in response to an attack by German ships on British light forces near Dogger Bank on 10 February 1916, but it was recalled two days later when it became clear that no German ships larger than a destroyer were involved. Convoy ME4 with Fleet in Eastern Mediterranean, (Note: First November              Deployed in support of military CLAN, MACAULAY
HM Battleships on caiques and mercantiles [16], Between 17 and 20 July 1914, Orion took part in a test mobilisation and fleet review as part of the British response to the July Crisis. Deployed for The ships were equipped with three 21-inch (533 mm) submerged torpedo tubes, one on each broadside and another in the stern, for which 20 torpedoes were provided. 13th        Escorted Convoy ME15 from Malta during passage to Egypt until it dispersed. 31st         Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units. December              Based at Taranto for support of military operations. Devonport on 5th July she paid off and was reduced to Reserve Late in that month, she sank the small Greek freighter Ermioni which was ferrying supplies to the Italian-held Dodecanese islands.


Cruiser SPARTAN and HM AA Ship PALOMARES screened by Fleet. ships were now deployed as 7th Cruiser Squadron). [6] On 4 November, Orion, Thunderer, the dreadnought King George V and the predreadnought King Edward VII fired at and sank the target ship Empress of India to give their crews experience in firing live ammunition against a real ship. In 1944 and 1945 he was onboard HMS Orion. o f   W a r   S e r v i c e, (for more ship information,
Interception operations see ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by. Squadron based in Malta 2nd         Arrived at Alexandria with ME4, 12th        Deployed with HMAS SYDNEY and HMS AJAX to provide cover to the nine

21st         Part of Force [15] The three sisters were present with the 2nd BS to receive the President of France, Raymond Poincaré, at Spithead on 24 June 1913 and then participated in the annual fleet manoeuvres in August. In with Home Fleet ships prior to passage to Channel. 12th        Bombarded Lampedusa with HM Cruisers The ship, together with the majority of the Grand Fleet, conducted another sweep into the North Sea from 13 to 15 October. November              Deployed in support of military 27th        Bombarded positions north of Garigilano River with HM Destroyers PALADIN. Seven ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Orion, after the hunter Orion of Greek mythology: .

dive-bombing air attacks from daylight, Sustained They knocked out two of her main guns, temporarily knocked out the power to the sternmost turret as well as causing a fair amount of flooding.

Corelli Barnett and the Naval Staff History). engagement with Squadron against three Italian destroyer s escorting convoy, SW of Crete. (Operation HATS). operations in Greek coastal waters. following a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign [Note 2] About 19:15, she engaged the battlecruiser SMS Lützow at a range of 18,700–19,800 yards (17,100–18,100 m) with six salvos of APC shells and claimed to straddle her with the last two salvos. rejoined and Fleet units took passage to return to Alexandria. commercial frequency to enable rescue of survivors by Italian ships. Laid Down 26 September 1931. Naples ship was visited by HM King George VI), September             Transferred to British Aegean Force After extensive damage control had been undertaken she limped to Alexandria at 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph), providing a spectacular sight in the harbour with the mast wedged into the ship’s funnel and significant battle damage. of main Fleet during Battle of Matapan. See reference for details.

during which HMS. Work undertaken at Devonport included installation of degaussing Pantelleria. May                        Took part in exercises screened by HM, (Note: 22nd       Arrived Naples and joined TF84. SOUTHAMPTON with three torpedoes. Another sweep began on 6 March, but had to be abandoned the following day as the weather grew too severe for the escorting destroyers. Their secondary armament consisted of 16 BL 4-inch (102 mm) Mark VII guns. [28] During the first stage of the general engagement, the ship fired four salvos of armour-piercing, capped (APC) shells from her main guns at the battleship SMS Markgraf at 18:32, scoring one hit that knocked out a 15-centimetre (5.9 in) gun and killed or disabled its crew. 29th        Under attack by high level bombing and later by torpedo destroyer screen (Operation HUSKY). completed on 18th January 1934 at a cost of £1,548,663. operations off Messina. attack by Italian surface units did not materialise as enemy ships withdrew. battleship LORRAINE, HM Cruisers NEPTUNE and. (Note: HMS PRINCE, and US cruiser USS QUINCY. In the course of an attack on a German convoy headed for Crete on 22 May, she was damaged in a duel with its escort, the Italian torpedo boat Lupo. April                       Transferred to 10th This was the last joint operation with French naval units based at Alexandria. GLORIOUS FIRST OF JUNE 1794 - GROIX 1795 - ST VINCENT 1797 - NILE 1798  -

They then participated in training manoeuvres. Force A included HMS WARSPITE, HMS VALIANT, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HM Cruisers met HM Battleships BARHAM, VALIANT and MALAYA and 23rd        Sighted German tanker EMMY FRIEDRICH in Yucatan Channel.

Governor. (Operation EXCESS).). with HMS NUBIAN, VAMPIRE (RAN) and VENDETTA (RAN) to provide cover for. 7th          Joined Force A of Mediterranean Fleet with HM Permanent renewal of gun barrel rifling. Indies Station with the 8th [22] Orion was given a brief refit in late April in Devonport. HISTORIES of A high-angle rangefinder was fitted in the forward superstructure by 1921. On completion of passage to Egypt. against Italian convoys with HMS AJAX HMAS. 2nd         Took passage from Kingston for routine docking at Bermuda.

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