loree mcbride biography

2011 to 2016 (Loree McBride inside Zack Knight’s Jesuit Empire Strikes): Brent was able to continue his communications with Gail via email from 2011 to now. Pretty much the same thing happens with the Brent Spiner clone. https://gabriellechana.fandom.com/wiki/Loree_McBride?oldid=214. Angelina boasted about how hot she was and that no man could resist her and due to her brain control powers this was true, but once the man got off of her brain control, they were thoroughly disgusted with how their body was used against their will to have sex with this cold woman. But Gail would not allow Loree to cause her to betray Brent.

Once she got to Church of Gail, Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin fell under her powerful brain control and she kidnapped them onto her pink spacecraft.

But Gail refused to take psych meds at this time, because she feared the meds would destroy her health. These clones, thousands of them, all died, to make way for Angelina to get to Church of Gail. She would determine the amount of passion by measuring the length of his erection while he made love to Loree and reading his mind and emotions to determine if his feelings were genuine. This irritated Loree, who wanted to remove Gail completely from Brent’s life.

At this time, the Brent Spiner clone was stalking Brent and trying to kill him. KIRO News in Seattle tried to set things up for Gail to win one million dollars in a contest, which was a way Brent wanted to help out Gail after her divorce, because Gail never worked during her marriage. ( Log Out /  Gail’s Loree McBride biography does an excellent job of educating about Loree and everyone needs to understand Loree to vote intelligently. I can’t believe that Vladimir Putin is getting an erection!” Judge Terrance decided that Loree was the one who needed to be executed. Both spacecrafts were in a spiral downwards to earth. Loree and her followers were able to take control of Israel with help from George Soros and now control the country from behind the scenes, using their Jesuit Jew Clones to push racist stereotypes about the Jews. Loree is best known as the wife of Brent Spiner and the mother of his son, Jackson Spiner (when she impregnated herself with Brent’s sperm via artificial insemination in 2001), which is a lie she has promoted through extortion on Brent Spiner using Jesuit big wigs at Paramount Studios (where Brent worked as the actor who portrayed Data in 1992) and being a member of the Jesuit Order, who have controlled fake news (mainstream media) for decades now. In fact, when Brent tried to create a Twitter account to communicate with Gail online, the Brent Spiner clone who had control over Brent’s official Twitter, managed to shut down Brent’s Twitter for impersonation, because Gail wished Brent a happy birthday on Feb. 2, 2018, even though Brent called his Twitter “Brent Spiner M.D”. 2016 to 2018 (Jesuit Empire Splits, Gets New Evil Leadership: Angelina Ballerina, then Loree McBride): In August 2016, Gail, as a result of obeying the Gail Commandments, which Jesus gave her through Brent Spiner, developed a Gail Shield that protected her and earth from Jesuit nukkake bombs (nuclear bombs that have semen in them and can literally drown out the entire planet or nations). Loree has taken over MSNBC, CNN and most of the mainstream news and is currently trying to take the First and Second Amendment rights of Americans as she plans a takeover with her as the shadow leader of the world. Actually, Gail was in crutches when the fires were set and if not for her son could have been burned down in her home. Gail’s husband, who was replaced with his clone around 1990 to 1992 (using the gradual bit by bit method), became treacherous during the divorce and managed to get a Jesuit lawyer and a Jesuit judge to oversee the divorce. Loree and the Jesuits made Gail’s divorce from her husband a very expensive, drawn out divorce. Hillary took out a dildo and removed her clothing exposing a hive underneath her clothes that kept her alive. She also blocks his attempts to help Gail out financially. 2003, Blimp Award for The Master of Disguise. Church of Gail Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Brent Spiner then threw up. As a result of this, she lost her case to get custody of her son. Gail told Brent that the UFOs are the fallen angels and that she believed Jesus scared off that UFO so that they dropped him off in the desert. After 3 hours the police finally showed up and Gail learned Loree had bought off the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Dept., like Loree did the Southern California police (whenever Brent called to try and report Loree). At this time Donald Trump was siding with Gail; and Hillary Clinton, who used to side with Gail, became BFF with evil Angelina Ballerina. But Loree threatened to kill Gail if he would not mention Loree and Jackson on the album, so Brent mentioned Loree in very small print among a group of names on the back of the album. He was adopted by her mother, Sylvia’s second husband, Sol Mintz after the death of his biological father, Jack Spiner died due to kidney failure.

They had been rescued by a UFO.

The Jesuits and Loree were poisoning Gail’s food, prescription meds and whatever they could get away with and laced her brand new mobile home with extra formaldehyde which made Gail dizzy and caused her to trip and hurt herself requiring 9 stitches. Later, he joined the University of Houston in Texas. The Jesuits wasted no time when Brent started writing Gail and Loree started stalking Brent again and broke into his Malibu house and knocked him over the head, playing that she and Brent just had wild sex together, while she stroked his head in the hospital. Vladimir Putin in the audience became so enraged at the sight, that he launched a nuke on the entire rally. -1996- Independent Day was one of the milestones of his career. Loree has found the real Jackson, and starting in 2017 has promoted him publicly as her and Brent’s son to solidify her lies to the world that she has been the real Brent Spiner’s love interest. 2001 to 2006 (Artificial Insemination to trap Brent into marriage): In Florida, Gail, newly divorced and with no job, could not afford a computer and her mother and stepdad (whom she lived with) did not have a computer until 2004.

She said by the time she was through with Trump, she would win the election for sure. Memories from one human being to another can easily be transferred. 1996 to 1999 (Brent Spiner’s FAKE girlfriend): Even though Gail dropped Brent as a love interest, Gail allowed Brent to keep his wiretap on her phone and kept him as a friend, feeling he still deserved that.

Brent is renown as Data for the movie, 1994- Star Trek Generation. Having evil Hillary on her side, Loree has become a hard left Democrat and has used her Antichrist powers to hijack the Democratic Party and has a large youth following, because people of depth and maturity don’t follow her.

Zack launched a missile on Angelina’s pink spacecraft with her shields down, and it plummeted to the earth below.

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