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Cancers. Occupation Images. As Parker rushed out, she encountered Alice, who succeeded at subduing Batwoman and did the same to Parker, hitting her in the head, when she attempted to run past. Although, they can be dependent, indirect, moody, passive, aggressive, and unable to let go. 1943 – Greatest tank battle in history ends with Russia's defeat of Germany at Kursk, almost 6,000 tanks take part, 2,900 lost by Germany. Parker, however, refused to out Kate the same way she was and instead tipped off law enforcement about Alice's location and the C-4 bomb the latter planted at the school dance. Those born under the zodiac sign Cancer need to be needed. When Mayor Michael Akins held a conference to address Terrier's threats, Parker hacked his transmission and released the mayor's credit card member, demonstrating the consequences if her demands weren't met. While inside, Parker realized that Hush needed her for whatever he had planned or else the bandaged serial killer would have murdered her already. Parker used her skills by modifying the computers in the Batcave to find a professor that Tommy had abducted, leading Kate to Arkham to ultimately free Luke Fox from captivity. They are nurturing, supportive, healing, compassionate, and unconditionally loving. However, Parker’s own phone remained active since she installed a protective firewall.

Their lucky numbers are 1, 7, 6, and lucky colors are gold, silver, hoary. They can clearly tell right from wrong. TV Actress. Most Popular #90133. Kate Kane See more ideas about Malia, Louie anderson, Oneill girls.

Her family is implied to be religious, as Parker mentioned that her parents carried rosaries after finding out she was gay. Oh.

StudentCyberterrorist (formerly) Terrier (formerly) : Parker had two love interests in the series. If there is any information missing, we will be updating this page soon. Unbeknownst to Parker, Batwoman tracked Parker's phone and began following her just as the power came back on. —Parker Torres to Kate Kane. If you found this page interesting or useful, please share it.

Parker Torres was born to an unnamed man and an unnamed woman in Gotham City and raised in a fairly conservative family. Malia Pyles (TV Actress) was born on the 13th of July, 2000. Status First Name Malia.

Earth-Prime When Sophie Moore arrived at Wayne Tower to talk to Kate, Parker, with Mary, eavesdropped on the two's love lives. 1832 – Source of Mississippi River discovered by American geographer Henry Schoolcraft. Once more details are available on who she is dating, we will update this section. Vince Fontaine – Matthew Veyette Binding her, Hush threw Parker in a van and began driving her to Arkham Asylum.


Sabrina Carpenter. This popular N.Y. Times best-selling children's book will be presented live on-stage at the Laguna Playhouse Moulton Theatre. First Name Malia #14. Alice explained she needed Parker for her own agenda. : Charmed, I'm sure. Sonny LaTierri – Mason Baumgartener . She previously appeared on children’s shows like The Fosters and Bella and the Bulldogs. Code name

CelebsMoney and NetWorthStatus does a good job of breaking most of it down. First, she hacked a subway train she was riding in, hoping her parents would focus on the fact Parker almost died rather than their homophobia towards her. Alive

Universe Information

The 'thur' in Thursday is actually derived from the Norse god Thor. Rosie Faye – Sheridan Reinick . Actor The American tv actress has been alive for 7,420 days or 178,087 hours. [1], Following this incident, Parker and her parents (or at least her mother) made amends with each other.[2]. Chill! Personal Life. Hurt by her parents' abandonment, a desperate Parker decided to use any means necessary to gain their sympathy.

TV Actress., Parker is so far the youngest individual to who know. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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