meatcanyon jawbreaker 2

My truth is retribution. Kevin: Just hold on a second, I’m sorry I’m so sorry for being rude to you guys all these years, I swear. Eddy: We are here to complete what we started. Eddy: Truth belongs to those who seek it, and I have been searching for a long, long time. Eddy “Open your eyes Kevin.It’s time to witness perfection.”, Eddy: We are here to complete what we started.

Ed, bring me his jaw. You’re gonna pay for this! Eddy “Open your eyes Kevin.It’s time to witness perfection.” Kevin: What’s going on? Outcasted by all of those that we so desperately wanted to be a part of. If you dont like them...then just leave. Transcription of JawBreaker 2. Dont get so bent out of shape. Eddy: We have been pushed beyond the point of no return, Kevin. Kevin: Let me go dorks! Eddy: We have been pushed beyond the point of no return, Kevin. Enjoy this moment, it is so much more vibrant than the darkness that awaits you. Outcasted by all of those that we so desperately wanted to be a part of. Silence now, you are going to give back to us far more than you could ever know. Existence is behind you now Kevin. But you Kevin. Eddy: The taste of retribution, sure is sweet. Eddy: Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, it’s ok.

Eddy: Oh I have paid Kevin, I am blinded by the beautiful truth, and you are still lying to yourself in the darkness. I started getting horrified when he said “Bring me his jaw”.

But you Kevin. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kevin: Let me go! I will give you this moment to cherish this, that is my gift to you. Just wondering, and feel free to ignore... Could you get the Papa John's one? You were the one who was so cruel to us, and that’s why you are here today. Press J to jump to the feed. Don’t be afraid Kevin. Oh hi i make cartoons. Enjoy the silence. I would nornally do it myself but I don't have a computer or a way to listen and type simultaneously.

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