molly and mack daisy

Molly and Daisy have their first day of school in this baby alive video. Molly meets her friend Mrs Stewart to tell her what's happened at the Big Hub this summer. Alice needs peace and quiet for her new class, but Moira and Bob are being very noisy. Mack buys Daisy a puppy, but Moira has a new rule in the Hub - No Pets Allowed! Magnus and Ruby have been knitting scarves, so Alice decides to give one to James as a special gift. Molly and Mack try to hide the pup, but then she escapes. Molly realises why Mack is avoiding Daisy and helps him overcome his fear of big hairy spiders. Suki is feeling shy.

Rate. catchy Christmas song – The Best Christmas Ever. The adults lock themselves in Moira's office and lose the key. When people keep asking Moira for directions, Molly has the idea to make a big plan of the Big Hub. Mack tries to help Daisy by bringing Twinkle the pony to the surgery, but Twinkle escapes. 6.

When Moira is upset about what people think, Molly writes a poem to help the grown-ups make it up to her. 0. Add Image.

[3][4], The kids club at The Big Hub is managed by Molly and Mack's widower father James (played by James Mackenzie). We MUST discuss! Molly decides Alice and James ought to get married and sends. WOW! Mock and Daisy's UNIQUE take on the world, from the dinner table to the swamp. Daisy wants Mack to see Tara the Tarantula, but Mack is petrified. When Molly can't find Mack she decides to turn detective and.

... With an entirely Scottish cast, Molly and Mack is filmed in Govan in Glasgow and North Queensferry in Fife, with the Forth Bridge being used as a centrepiece for the fictional Bridgetown. Molly, Suki and Magnus go on the hunt and write three brilliant animal stories. Molly and Mack S01E03 The Fairy Godmother Part 03 - Duration: 2:24. Bob has hurt his back, so Mack and James offer to weed his plot before an allotment inspection. The Pony Problem. Alice needs peace and quiet for her new class, but Moira and. Moira brings Caitlin and Euan to the Kids Club for the first time.

The Chicks know how monumental this day is and they just want to help everyone make sense of this crazy thing we call politics in 2020. She is disappointed when she realises lots of people have the same scarf. Read about our approach to external linking. When Moira is upset about what people think, Molly writes a poem to help the grown-ups make it up to her. Term limits!

She is delighted with the result, but her customers don't seem so keen. Molly and her friends form a choir to sing for Mrs Juniper.

IT'S ELECTION DAY! Molly thinks the Queen is coming to visit, only to find out. 5. Molly and Mack find an old doll. More. James has organised a bike class, but Caitlin is too proud to admit she can't ride a bike. Daisy is really excited but Molly doesnt want to get out of bed.

We encourage … Molly and her friends pick up litter from the beach - but. Suki and Daisy go to Mrs Anderson's farm to check on Willow the Goat.

Rate. 7.

Molly and Mack is a Scottish children's television series, which began airing on CBeebies in 2018. Bob mixes up a delivery of fish with cakes for the cafe. Euan tries to persuade her to own up, but she won't listen. Bike Class. [2], The Big Hub, managed by Moira (played by Maureen Carr), is where a variety of stallholders hold an array of permanent market stalls including a gift stall run by Alice (played by Katrina Bryan), a fruit and vegetable stall run by resident handyman Bob (played by Steven McNicoll) and a café stall run by Mrs Juniper (played by Alison Peebles).

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