nursing diagnosis for icp

We typically like CPP to be above 60, and ICP below 20.

Medtronic. When an ICP monitor has been inserted in the operating theatre, upon admission to the recovery room or return to the PICU, NICU or Cockatoo ward, it is imperative that the patient be monitored closely with routine post anaesthetic observations as per operation notes and neurological assessment.

What’s beyond them?

With severe intracranial hypertension, consciousness is depressed, tone and reflexes of the limbs are altered, pupils enlarge, papillary reaction to light is sluggish and spontaneous movement of the limbs is decreased.


The doctor will order us to level it at a certain point.

Then, when the swelling goes down, we will replace the flap and secure it back in place. This will cause devastating damage to the brainstem. The normal pressure is 5-15 mmHg. It’s a great article and big help to review this subject.

The cranial vault contains brain tissue, blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Dressings should be changed using sterile technique when soiled or otherwise directed by Neurosurgical team.

ICP can be monitored via a fibre optic monitor (Codman monitor) which is placed on the surface of the brain or in the brain or an external ventricular drain (EVD) system which is a closed sterile system allowing drainage of CSF via a silastic catheter tip which rests in the anterior horn of a lateral ventricle. It may also be called an EVD or a Bolt. Remember, blood flow is key! To enable printing with an ICP monitor, the ICP needs to be displayed on a large Phillips Screen. And then you’ll also see reflexive bradycardia. They also will struggle to regulate their temperature because of the pressure on the hypothalamus – these patients may have a super high temp, like 104 or higher.

The laser level device should be in line with the patient's Foramen of Monro (FOM). So the main goals of our medical interventions are to decrease the total volume in the cranium. As you are taking care of your neuro patient with ICP issues, you’ll want to ensure you do all the basic ICP management stuff: Let’s say you’ve done all the basics for keeping your patient’s ICP under 20, but it’s still creeping up there.

Then we’ll connect it to a pressure monitor and a drain like this one. Any lower and blood flow to the brain increases, any higher and the intrathoracic pressure increases so much that the blood can’t flow OUT of the brain as easily.

To maintain patient safety ensure this is discussed with AUM. Too far above the FOM will lead to a falsely low ICP measurement and insufficient drainage of CSF - in this case intracranial hypertension would go undetected and untreated. An early sign of increased intracranial pressure includes which of the following? (2003). Remember we talked about how the brainstem controls the most primitive reflexes we have, like breathing. Feel Like You Don’t Belong in Nursing School? So Intracranial pressure or ICP is the pressure inside the cranium – or the skull. A nursing diagnosis may be part of the nursing process and is a clinical judgment about individual, family, or community experiences/responses to actual or potential health problems/life processes.Nursing diagnoses are developed based on data obtained during the nursing assessment.. N.B. These all exist in certain proportions and volumes within the skull.

We’ll start with the easy-peasy stuff and move on to the big guns. Collection of CSF from a ventricular drain: Intensive care, evidence based practice guideline, Williams. The initial trauma survey has been completed and the c-spine has been cleared. So when we do see a lot of bleeding or swelling, we have some surgical options we can use to give the brain more room to expand. T., et al. First, we want to keep their head of bed between 30-45 degrees.

respirations 22

Inadequate CPP should be reported to the PICU consultant and AUM. Then, looking at the questions or cue-words in the question and cue column only, say aloud, in your own words, the answers to the questions, facts, or ideas indicated by the cue-words. The procedure is performed in the treatment room, under sterile conditions with appropriate pain relief, distraction and staff assistance. The Neurosurgical team will document parameters, drainage height or drainage volume.

Inside the skull cavity there are three things taking up the space there…the brain, the blood and the CSF. The nurse is working with a 39-year-old client who has suffered a head injury as a result of a fall from a scaffold. When patient with an EVD is being transported off the ward, the patient MUST be accompanied by an accredited RN. An EVD / ICP monitor is contraindicated in the following circumstances: Physical assessment including completing ABCD and neurological assessment on the paediatric patient with an EVD/ICP monitor and documenting is required at the beginning of each shift and PRN in relation to the patient’s condition. American Association of Neuroscience Nurses: 1-3, Tippett.

This RN must stay with patient at all times until handed over to another accredited person. In this lesson, we’re going to talk about Intracranial Pressure – what it is and why it is SO important that we keep it within normal range. Infants who have non-fused suture lines with open fontanel’s have a degree of compensation before signs of increased ICP are evident. Let’s recap quickly – intracranial pressure is the pressure within the skull.

The normal range of ICP is 0-15mmHg; increased ICP is usually referred to as above 15mmHg (refer to assessment section for clinical signs). How do they fit in with what I already know? Intracranial pressure monitoring. Intensive Care Unit, Royal Children’s Hospital. When measuring and documenting ICP in a patient with an open EVD, it is crucial that the drainage to the burette system be clamped, enabling a true ICP reading to be obtained from the patient (otherwise the drainage pressure will be recorded).

Acute management of severe traumatic brain injuries.

External Ventricular Drains and Intracranial Pressure Monitoring evidence table. We will see pulse pressure widening. Start a trial to view the entire video.

Reflect: Reflect on the material by asking yourself questions, for example: “What’s the significance of these facts?

There was no more room for that CSF so it has been moved out of the skull.

As lumbar drains use the same circuits as EVD’s the management remains consistent with that of an EVD. Collective Pty Ltd, Slazinski. What’s next? This will cause cerebral vasoconstriction – so that will decrease the total circulating blood volume within the brain and allowing a bit of pressure relief. You can see here that there is extra blood here. That will help to decrease the swelling and fluid in the brain. So what will we see if our patient has an increased ICP? If a leak is identified, place pressure combine/dressing and notify the AUM and Neurosurgical team.

At the beginning of each shift it is the responsibility of the RN caring for a patient with an ICP monitor to complete the following mandatory safety checks: There are two types of ICP monitoring, Codman and via an EVD.

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Central venous access device insertion and management.

You can see it has shifted the brain tissue over and it has collapsed the ventricles. If the patient with a Medtronic Exacta EVD requires ICP monitoring, attach and prime with 0.9% Normal Saline, via sterile procedure, attach the ICP transducer (Stores Number 7291) to the Medtronic Exacta EVD system at the three way tap parallel to the burette. Select all that apply. Has the EVD been leveled to the Foramen of Monro (FOM).

Bayside Health, Alfred ICU: 1-1, Western Health Sydney. The entire system needs to be changed using sterile technique every 7 days. See Nursing Assessment Clinical Practice Guideline for more information. Adequate CPP is required to ensure the brain is being well perfused therefore receiving oxygen and important substrates.

Now, we know that if you sprained your ankle – it would swell up and expand, right? Sometimes, despite all your best efforts to keep CPP and ICP within range, the patient just needs MORE. pupils are equal at 6mm As the client receives the electrical stimulus, the nurse notes that the intracranial pressure increases. Your role as the nurse is to try to keep perfusion going to the brain despite whatever else is going on.

A client who has experienced a head injury is being cared for by the nurse in the ICU. Select all that apply.

P., et al.

Monro-Kellie says that the skull is a fixed box – it doesn’t expand or contract, therefore the total volume inside the box is fixed.

An important note here is that we will avoid sedatives or CNS depressants as much as possible so that we can get accurate neuro checks. Master Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Assessment with Picmonic for Nursing RN.

If you can see here, 10 cmH2O correlates to between 7-8 mmHg.

How can I apply them? If the patient is supine, level the EVD system to the tragus of the ear. * NB the reference range will be documented on the inpatient notes or in the patient’s post-operative orders. Now, you don’t need to know much about this as a new grad, but the MOST important thing is that you NEVER clamp this except while you’re zeroing it or if the doctor specifically says to. First, we want to keep their head of bed between 30-45 degrees. We will also monitor their temperature as well as their electrolytes – especially if they’re on mannitol or hypertonic saline because this can affect sodium levels.

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