questions employees ask during a reorganization

Leaders are requested to acquire new teams, blend related departments, or shift priorities completely. That way, he “knows he can count on you—and that you’re not just being a good soldier.” Then follow up with actions that demonstrate your support. Manage your stress In the midst of change and uncertainty, “you need to look for things that help you manage your stress,” says Spreitzer.

Even if your charter is to radically change course, chances are there is much that you can repurpose or redirect.

Now, with shared understanding of direction, you and your new team can outline what you need to change in practice.

On the first day of his new job, Sid had a “proper sit-down” with his new boss to learn about his role in relation to the business. “Don’t pull the trigger just yet,” he says. Forcing employees to change when they do not understand the business reasons can be a lot like pushing a giant cube of Jello—you might have an impact, but no real overall shift occurs. Managing and supporting front-line employees through change is essential for the success of your project. For today's skeptical employee audience, rhetoric without action quickly disintegrates into empty slogans and company propaganda. © 2018 PwC. When things are in flux, people naturally tend to slow down on special initiatives — they don’t want to risk marching in the wrong direction. Copyright © 2020 Harvard Business School Publishing.

For example, the senior director above eventually invited the new governor to review the current initiatives and the impact they were having, then asked his input on how he would like them to be more customer- and results-focused. “If you’re a high performer, you may feel a loss of control and start to question your options.” But Spreitzer says it’s important to approach the changes with an “optimistic” mindset. Lack of Awareness is often the number one cause of change resistance among employees, yet it is the easiest resistance point to fix. Want to build a change-capable organization? If financial success of the organization depends on change, then you can expect the change to happen with or without you.

This is where you share the larger opportunity or need the team is being asked to address. “Say, ‘I’m sorry. What steps should you take to protect your job? Do they recognize that service needs to improve, but don’t realize by how much? ”Remind people why they are there in the first place,” Coyne says. The working sessions should be long enough to make progress on realigning the work while allowing time for big-picture questions and getting to know one another. “At first I was mad,” she says.

“Be constructive,” he says. The good news is: The actual impact of the change on you is directly related to how you react to the change.

Create a free account and access a wealth of online resources and research-based tools to help you succeed at each level of your change management journey. 7. The office environment was stressful both for Karin and for her team.

His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results. On the other hand, employees are one step behind trying to understand why the change is needed and how they will be impacted. The benefits of supporting the change, especially changes that are critical to the success of the organization, include: What if I feel they are fixing the wrong problem? 9.

“Be sure to make time for the things you love.” Spend time with family and friends; keep at hobbies and volunteer activities; and of course make sure you’re eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Bring in customers to talk about their experiences. You may feel like change is happening suddenly and that it is directed right at you. “That’s what we’re already doing” would have appeared defensive and resistant. “You want to be one of the active advocates who take initiative to make the reorganization work,” she says. At about the same time these efforts were beginning to reveal positive outcomes, a new governor was named. Reach out In circumstances like these, it’s important to show concern and empathy for the people  directly impacted by the reorg.

If they have already affected the bottom line of your company, change is needed immediately. Be sure to make time for regular one-on-one meetings so you can get to know each individual and address concerns privately.

“I wasn’t sure I would enjoy the new projects. These external marketplace changes can result in: External business drivers take time to set in. Of course, you cannot afford to have your team stuck in a holding pattern. In a 2014 study of a Fortune 300 company, published by Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Kellogg School of Management professor Maryam Kouchaki and I found that employees lost confidence in all major corporate commitments when there was a significant leadership change. “I tried not to take part in [the gossip] and just do the best job I could,” he says. By Elizabeth DotyMarch 14, 2018March 13, 2018. The new leader was pleased to see so much had already been done, and — rather than reinvent the wheel — could focus his attention on a few clear directives to help the team accelerate progress. To show you are serious about follow-through and to provide time for people to internalize the change of direction, I suggest having a team off-site followed by a series of weekly working sessions.

Please see for further details. What if they have tried before and failed? For businesses, the risk of not changing could mean: For employees, the risk of not changing could mean: Employees usually find out what is happening after the fact. What the Experts Say Restructurings may be an inevitable part of organizational life but living through them—even when you’re one of the lucky ones still standing—is challenging and stressful.

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