reising m50 serial numbers

[4], The US Army first tested the Reising in November 1941 at Fort Benning, Georgia, and found several parts failed due to poor construction. [6] This was in part due to its overly complex delayed-blowback design. First, H&R never made a distinction; the distinction is made by collectors. The serial number is a combination of numbers and/or letters, without spaces or special characters. In late 1943 following numerous complaints, the Reising was withdrawn from Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units and assigned to Stateside guard detachments and ship detachments. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

The breechblock is an integral part of the slide and contains the spring loaded firing pin and extractor. Once corrected a second test was made in 1942 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

[14] Others were given to various anti-Axis resistance forces operating around the world. The adjustable front sight could be lost if the retaining screw wasn't tightly secured. The serial numbers, also on the left side, apparently started at No. Machine guns were a type of weapon thought not to exist in the country at the time. A second patent for an improved design was filed February 7, 1941. Where to find your serial number The location of your serial number varies between different Canon products. I have certainly learnt something today and it's only 10am! Lastly, the commercial model commonly has a smooth take-down screw, a two-hole trigger guard, and serial numbers ranging from one to 20,000. 1 had checkering on the trigger. [1] Moeover, the Reising was designed as a civilian police weapon and was not suited to the stresses of harsh battle conditions encountered in the Solomon Islands—namely, sand, saltwater and the difficulty in keeping the weapon clean enough to function properly. [10], While more accurate than the Thompson, particularly in semi-automatic mode, the Reising had a tendency to jam. [5] The remaining guns were passed on to State Guards and civilian law enforcement agencies. The two small magazine guide retaining pins and corresponding receiver stud holes were tapered allowing disassembly and assembly only from one direction—right to left for disassembly, and left to right for assembly; adding unacceptable levels of complexity in a combat environment. The H&R Reising will get a bullet there when you need it!". [4], H&R was justifiably proud of the Reising's superior accuracy and balance, lighter weight, and ease of manufacturing when compared to the Thompson. The original issue, walnut stock has a small mark on the rear quarter. Worse, the safety/selector switch couldn't be sensed by feel at night if it was in the safe, semi, or automatic position. This article is part of SAR V10N11Purchase the issue by clicking here... Reising Star: A Buyers Guide to Reising Submachine Guns, Transferable machine gun prices have continued their meteoric rise since the ban of 1986. Otherwise, the pistols of the two series are very much alike. [8][9] The Marines used M60s for training, guard duty, and other non-combat roles. In 1941, the Reising was priced at approximately $50 per weapon as opposed to $225 for the standard military issue Thompson submachine gun.[6]. I noticed your front sight adjustment screw. Reising Model 50 #10642 - posted in Reising Message Board: I recently purchased NFA transferable Reising Model 50 Submachine Gun serial number 10642, manufactured by H&R in 1942. It was reported that the true full-auto rate was closer to 750–850 rounds per minute. The gun quickly became despised by front-line Marines, and Lieutenant Colonel Merritt A. Edson, Commander, 1st Marine Raider Battalion, ordered that Reisings be flung into Guadalcanal's crocodile infested Lunga River, as his troops resorted to reliable bolt-action Springfield rifles. Serial numbering on pistols produced in New York starts at 10,000, which no doubt is an arbitrary figure and gives no clue to how many were actually made at Hartford. Military Reisings are usually parkerized. .22 cal. The exposed rear sight had no protective ears and was vulnerable to breakage. In contrast, the third model is parkerized, has two long indentations on the sides to reduce its capacity to a twelve-shot single column magazine because of feeding problems experienced with former models. Very nice display Dave,...interesting front site,I have #10688 and my site is simply staked,no adjustment screw and these were probably made at the same time...all the other features you show do match mine...very informative post,thanks. The receivers on all of the .45 caliber Reising models were machined from 1.25 inch round steel stock. It was much lighter (seven vs. eleven pounds). The Reising had a designed full-auto cyclic rate of 450–600 rounds per minute but it was reported that the true full-auto rate was closer to 750–850 rounds per minute.

The Reising submachine gun was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was designed and patented by Eugene Reising in 1940. Two companies of Marine paratroopers also used Model 55s, to attack the island of Gavutu, between Tulagi and Tanambogo.

While there is not one factor that distinguishes the so-called commercial from the military model, the commercial model is usually blued. [4], Decades later, in 1986, H&R closed their doors and the Numrich Arms (aka Gun Parts Corporation) purchased their entire inventory. And, the Model 55 was more compact (about twenty-two vs. thirty-three inches in length).[4]. 233).

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These stocks are distinguished from originals by their wider than normal sling swivels and buttstocks, by the fact they have no stock ties, and have H&R marked plastic buttplates (originals were unmarked metal).[2]. As a result, the Army didn't adopt the Reising, but the Navy and Marines did, faced with insufficient supply of Thompsons. The series is characterized not only by the presence of the Hartford markings and this inscription but also by the use of 12 V-shaped oblique serrations forming the finger grips on the slide. At those rates, the twenty round magazine could be emptied in less than two seconds.

[18] This design used a system of levers within the receiver to release a fragile firing pin that could break, rust, or freeze in the humid jungle climate. I know its goin to take a few months but thats the way it is. You currently have javascript disabled. Another problem with this form of delayed blowback was the recess in which the bolt lodged when in battery. Simple maintenance was problematic as there was no bolt hold-open device. Then faced with continued demand, H&R resumed production of the Model 50 in 1950 which sputtered to a halt in 1957 with nearly 5,500 additional submachine guns manufactured. It was very light and quite accurate in aimed fire, and "capable of intensive fire against personnel within a range of 300 yards. Tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground and Fort Benning Georgia had found difficulties in blind-folded reassembly of the Reising, indicating the design was complicated and difficult to maintain.

It was accepted, and in March 1941, H&R started manufacturing the Model 50 full stocked submachine gun. As opposed to the then standard Thompson submachine gun, the Reising priced at approximately $50 per weapon as opposed to $225 per Thompson.[3]. H&R was justifiably proud of the Reising's superior accuracy and balance, lighter weight, and ease of manufacturing when compared to the Thompson. [4], The Reising was made in selective fire versions that could be switched between semi-automatic or full-automatic fire as needed and in semi-auto only versions to be used for marksmanship training and police and guard use. But poor combat performance and favorable law enforcement use of the Reising forever mired the weapon in controversy. The adjustable front sight could be lost if the retaining screw wasn't tightly secured. | That night, powerful shell fire swept the Marines as they were suddenly cut off from sea; to be locked in mortal ground combat with the Japanese 35th Infantry Brigade, and 2nd and 28th Infantry Divisions.

1,309,337 and 1,309,338 were granted on July 8, 1919. [14][15] [4], There are three types of H&R magazines. [8][9] Most Reisings were originally issued to Marine officers and NCOs in lieu of a compact and light carbine, since the M1 carbine was not yet being issued to the Marines. Reising practiced his creed by being an avid shooter and by serving in the early 1900s as an assistant to the firearm inventor, John M. Browning. Triumph sports cars from the 50s and Datsun sports cars from the 60s. The two primary versions of the weapon were the Model 50 and the folding stock Model 55. Reising's only competitor was the .45 ACP Thompson Model 1928A1 submachine gun. H&R continued production of the Model 60 semiautomatic rifle in hopes of domestic sales, but with little demand, production of the Model 60 stopped in 1949 with over 3,000 manufactured. Many of the parts were hand fitted at the factory; this lack of parts interchangeability was not a problem for a civilian or police firearm, but it was very problematic when Reisings were maintained in the field under combat conditions. As the hammer comes into the fully cocked posi tion, the sear is forced by a spring to engage in a notch, thus holding the hammer at full cock. Guadalcanal's capture marked the beginning of the end of the Japanese Empire.

But just when the Reising story seemed to end, a foreign order was received in the 1960s for nearly 2,000 more Model 60s, but that order was finally the end. Also the arm cannot be fired unless the breech face and the rear end of the barrel are firmly in contact, thus preventing premature firing. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 the US was suddenly in desperate need of thousands of modern automatic weapons. This also allowed it to be lighter, as did its firing mechanism. His first application relating to „a new and improved trigger mechanism for automatic fire arms" was filed on June 19, 1915. There were only two differences between the M50 and the M55, those being the elimination of the compensator and the addition of a rather flimsy, folding wire buttstock making the M55 lighter and shorter and was originally issued to Marine parachute infantry and armored vehicle crews. At day's end, the raiders suffered 234 casualties from a 750 man force. [4], This failure made a mockery of H&R's company slogan, "Six-and-one-half pounds of controlled dynamite. It was much lighter (about seven v. eleven pounds). Worse, the safety/selector switch couldn't be sensed by feel at night if it was in the safe, semi, or automatic position.

I bought it with a Federal Laboratories case, 5-20 round magazines, and 2-12 round magazines. Patent numbers 2,356,726 and … [10] This design used a system of levers within the breech block to release a firing pin that rusted easily in the humid jungle climate. It was less costly, costing $62 compared to the $200 for the Thompson. Quickly despised by front-line Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Merritt A. Edson, Commander, 1st Marine Raider Battalion, ordered that Reisings be flung into Guadalcanal's crocodile infested Lunga River, as his troops resorted to reliable bolt-action Springfield rifles.

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