sony u matic repair

But if you haven't been on a... © 2020 ProVideo Coalition, a Moviola Company. This worked with any editing system that used the Videomedia V-LAN, including the Mickey, OZ and VLC-32, as well as many other non-Videomedia linear editing systems that licensed the V-LAN system. The NTSC version of the BKU-705 (shown above) had a selector switch for DF/NDF (drop frame/non-drop frame). Unlike other shops that offer a warranty on the area of the camcorder that they fixed, Video One Repair will cover the whole camcorder.

If you have any questions before sending your camcorder in for repair we welcome you to call and talk to one of our experienced Sony technicians. What does “broadcast” mean?, illustrated above, to understand why Sony designated the Industrial and Broadcast lines this way. There are typically no two drops that are the same. Once we receive your camcorder we look it over and closely inspect all areas of the unit notating the areas of damage. They call me whenever there is a question to make sure I know what options are available to me and are knowledgeable and give great advice. Once we receive your camcorder we will fully diagnose the issue and give you an exact estimate.

We’ve seen all of the problems associated with it. U-Matic saw even more success from the television broadcast industry in the mid and late 1970s, when a number of local TV stations and national TV networks used the format after its first portable model, the Sony VO-3800, was released in 1974. We have sent several camera’s there and have never been disappointed. Then came the first “industrial” VO-5800 feeder and VO-5850 recorder/editor which were front-loading. If it is too expensive to repair your equipment, you can apply your repair deposit towards the purchase of a new unit that we will help you choose, often at a discount over internet price. A common issue that we see is the external microphone holder that holds an external shotgun mic can become very loose or has broken off of the camcorder. They are fantastic! We repair all formats - DVCPRO, HDCAM, BETACAM, & more. They were part of Sony’s U-Matic format. When we receive your Sony HXR-NX5 we will check it over and determine the course for the repair. It does appear to be doing something because the static pattern changes after it gets to the end of the recording where I stopped it. Sign up for the ProVideo Coalition weekly e-newsletter and get the most popular articles, blogs, and reviews right to your inbox. Bait and Switch Article. - YouTube Electrical/Mechanical Repair and Restoration,, We service and repair all different format video decks such as DVCPRO, DVCAM, XDCAM, and even the old BETACAM or ¾ U-Matic machines. If you could get it to come on leave it that way and don’t touch it. We check over all aspects of the camcorder during this process. Get the best deals on Sony U-matic Video Recorders & Players when you shop the largest online selection at The whole layout of mechanical parts is ridiculous. If any reader remembers the name of the California facility, tell me in the comments so I’ll update this.). First I need to get the buttons, solenoids, and motors operating to fix my mistake. In my recollection, the first TBC to work with U-Matic was the Sony BVT-800 (shown above) and initially cost ±US$10,000. Those cameras mainly offered this Y/C output for the S-VHS recorders that began becoming popular in the same era, but offered the same benefit over composite video as it did for S-VHS and the analog version of Hi-8mm videotape. The VO-1600 even had a rotary tuner built-in to record shows off of the air, UHF and VHF. We have also seen many situations where there has been excessive moisture or rain that has gotten into the camcorder. We are equipped to recap and recondition the old circuit boards which can be a common problem with older models.

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