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South Korea: The People. But I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that one.

when greeting anyone, (or saying goodbye) it is polite to bow, legs should be closed together, arms are are crossed near the waist, and bow. After having lived there for two years and now living back in the States, there are still some Korean things I do 7 years later like making the VSign in pictures and double hand waving (all the time lol). Change ). Korean rapper G-Dragon, whom Vogue has christened the “undisputed king of K-Pop,” claims he started the finger heart as a child. Do you know if he is Buddhist?

This is a greeting with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism more commonly used in South and Southeast Asian countries. . Good Post…I was searching on internet as to what does the first gesture signifies. It’s the opposite of what you’d think it is! gesture where they flick another under the chin and sometimes grab the “double chin” … I have only seen young men do this.. The proper way to bow in Korea is to do so from your waist with your hands by your sides or clasped in front of you. You just have to pretend that you’re about to take a picture and they will make the V-sign instantly as some sort of superhuman reflex mechanism. I have no idea why I never thought about writing about this before but in the past few weeks I have experienced all most of these hand gestures first hand (haha, lame pun intended), so I thought I’d give you a rundown of them here. Thank you so much for your reply and explanation! I know, right), it’s very common for close friends to inflict mild pain on each other for small trespasses such as arriving late or being the last one to finish a drink. Ahh, the ubiquitous V. In America this is a sign for peace, or Nixon’s ‘V for Victory,’ and it was introduced to Asia through various celebrities and media around the 1970s. I love listening/watching KPOP. You should receive something with both hands, or with one hand while holding your arm with your other hand, OR with one hand while keeping your other arm across your body.

Instead, Koreans hold their hand up with their palm down and shake their hand from the wrist or wriggle their fingers like an upside-down version of the American gesture. Your email address will not be published. Bear in mind that losing at this game may subject you to the punishment of the aforementioned painful forehead flick. When someone exaggerates a story, Koreans say they’ve put MSG on their story, so he was probably using that gesture to convey that the other person telling the story was exaggerating. Thanks for the memories! I haven’t seen this one but it sure sounds strange. I used to think this was just to create a special effect in movies, but the wrist grab absolutely exists in real life (had my own wrist grabbed several times over here). It resembles the Western “shoo, go away” gesture, so it had me confused for the first couple of months.

Works well if someone scolds you over something or asks a favor that you can’t really grant. A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. always remove your shoes before entering their house, bringing gifts along is very common and useful, do not talk about Korean culture with them, Koreans usually asked personal questions such as your weight, status and income but this is usually their way of trying to know you better and it is very common in Korea, always address someone using Ms.,Mrs., or Mr. unless you're close to them. For Korean movie or TV show aficionados, this gesture should be well-known. And feel free to use them whenever you visit Korea! The other gestures were just an added bonus for me. You point your two index fingers together while looking cute with your eyes cast down. ( Log Out / 

When Kiha did it to me the first time I didn’t see the heart, but now that he’s explained it to me I do it all the time. do not touch, pat or slap someone that is not close nor related to you. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 2 years in Korea have reprogrammed me to be just as quick with the V-sign, and I instantly present the same pose whenever someone holds a camera to my face. Kiha’s guess is that the gesture is for shaking MSG rather than salt.

This is a greeting with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism more commonly used in South and Southeast Asian countries. This is so ingrained in Korean culture that I’ve seen many Koreans do this out of habit while handing menus back to waiters and the like. Me too. You cannot go into a restaurant or bar without hearing people yelling kawi bawi bo! Usually accompanied by the sentence often said in a slight baby voice “Oooh, our little *insert Korean girl’s name here* is sooooo cuuuute”. I noticed that Jung Hae In ( Something in the Rain) bows and puts his hands together in a prayer motion when he is in public videos. Hi Sofie, I came here to read about the new(ish) Korean finger heart and this post bought back so many memories of Korea. In “Something in the Rain” I could not understand that when his character was asking Jin-Ah to come to him in the rain. If some of the videos were taken in Southeast Asia, that is a common greeting there and he may have done it out of respect. Enough said!

This game is sooo common in Korea. wait till the eldest has started eating unless you are the eldest, do not pour your own drink, but instead offer to pour someone else’s, women only pour drinks for men and themselves, they do not pour drinks for another women, do not stick your chopsticks in your rice, do not refuse drinks from elders as they may be offended, always pass or accept items with your right hand or with both hands, left supporting the right hand’s wrist, do not exaggerate your bow as they may assume you are insulting their culture. Due to Korea’s strong group pressure mentality, I’m a repeat offender of this one too, but I personally find it a bit tacky. I’m a big fan of Korean drama, some would say addicted actually and have often wondered what some of the signs meant. It has its own culture, language, dress and cuisine, separate and distinct from its neighboring countries. For example, Kim Seolhyun (AoA) does that in one of their videos, and all the girls giggle and the others show a palm-out V as you describe. These gestures and manners used in South Korea reflect on the type of people Koreans are. Your palms should always be facing up, and if you do the one-handed approach, use your right hand as the giving/receiving hand. Korean men usually feel very protective toward women they are walking next to, so if you’re about to walk into someone, or they want to lead you in a certain direction, grabbing your wrist is considered much more appropriate even among friends or colleagues as opposed to holding someone’s hand which is reserved strictly for lovers. The pose you describe that appears in that video is a way to define the jawline in pictures.

In Korea, this is how you would call a dog. The tiny fingertip hearts say it all: I love you. Korea is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, racially and linguistically. This may sound like borderline gender violence and always looks very dramatic on TV. ( Log Out /  In addition, however, whether it came from the Christian prayer gesture or yoga through popular culture, I’ve seen all kinds of people – from presidential candidates to G-dragon – put their hands together like that to say thank you. Your email address will not be published. Follow me at :).

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( Log Out /  But the pose has become so common that these days it’s just recognized as another cute pose to do in videos and pictures, regardless of jawline! In America, if you ask someone to come to you with your hand, you’ll use a beckoning finger or wiggle your fingers with your palm facing up. Do you know what the gesture is that is made in Super Juniors Mamacita video (Lee Tuek does the gesture I believe). This is considered very rude in Korea, where people instead normally hold out their hand palm facing down, and then wave their fingers inwards. It’s like a swirling a around the pinky with the index finger. Here’s a guide to the Korean hand gestures I’ve seen the most, so you can communicate in Korean even when the language escapes you. As I’ve been dating Kiha and frequently hanging out with his friends, I’ve observed many hand gestures that either mean something different or don’t exist in America. Thank you for making this post, Alli and Oppa. This is actually very polite and the appropriate gesture when giving and receiving objects and even when handling money. International Relations of Asia & US Foreign Policy, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Thanks!

Plates are also usually held up with two hands when others are serving them. It has me curious. I have fallen in love with Korean Music and am on a quest to share that passion.

I have no idea why I never thought about writing about this before but in the past few weeks I have experienced all most of these hand gestures first hand (haha, lame pun intended), so I thought I’d give you a rundown of them here. It’s condescending. But the music was not known after its release. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

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