the escapist 2 how to keep keys

Read more about our cookie policy. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Every guard randomly carries one of the five keys with them. When you run out of Stamina, your character will move slower and will be unable to perform certain activities beyond simple tasks like walking. I was thinking of various exploits to obtain a real key (like in the escapists 1) such as you taking it and a friend stashing it or dropping it in an area that nobody can usually enter (such as the multiplayer areas that have no white door) Let me know if any of these work. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Here’s how each one breaks down. (Note: On Xbox One guard number does not matter). For the key mold, you’ll need a Wad of Putty, which can be crafted out of a Tub of Talcum Powder and a Tube of Toothpaste. Another way is to put the key in crafting when knocked out and taken to solitary and wait out lockdown. The Escapists 2 Gameplay! You can find out what number the guards have by writing down the guard order when naming your people or by simply giving the first 5 guards a specific name to recognize them. Or sit in a locker with the Keys in your crafting menu so guards won't attack you and dogs don't know you have the key and wait until lockdown is over. Reading books and using computers will help increase your Intellect in The Escapists 2. The Intellect stat determines your character’s overall intelligence.

Above you can see the order for PC. In the event that the guard is sent to the infirmary before you’ve replaced the key, drop the key on the ground and go hide in a locker or somewhere safe.

The key color unlocks the color lock as is on the door. This is because if a guard discovers his key has been taken, you’re in big trouble and will be taking a trip to solitary. I have noticed that if you take a key and put it in your desk, a inmates desk, or a player hidden compartment the guards will take the key back after lock down regardless of where it is stashed. They function as a normal Keycard, and must be used by the player(s), as a lost Keycard triggers a lockdown just like a lost Key. A guide to improving your character stats and skills in The Escapists 2. These stats can change instantly depending on your activities, and will recover over time. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. This guide will briefly explain how to copy guard keys in The Escapists 2 to get the Plastic Keys required for your escape plan. To improve your character’s Strength, head to the prison gym and lift weights.

She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything. Wait until the coast is clear and your heat level has gone down. First, let me go over a few basics. It is a key for accessing workplaces like the woodshop, metalshop, kitchen, and laundry.

The guards will have certain keys based on their order in the pre-game screen. One method is to take the key then sleep to save. If you’re wanting to access specific areas, you’re going to need a key. Note that if you have a Job, you can access your job room without Keys, but not other jobs rooms (ie, if your Janitor, you can access the Janitor room, but not the Tailor room). Ahhhh makes sense, thank you both. The guard to the leftmost position (Guard #1) has the Cell Key, the guy beside him (Guard #2) has the Utility key, and so on. Taito's popular rhythm game Groove Coaster debuts on Steam next month as well. Once your Heat reaches above 80, the guards will attack you. If the guard wakes up and he doesn't have his key, you will be sent to solitary. THE BUG: You can keep ANY 3 items of your choosing including keys after capture/search. Of course, you can’t just take a guard’s key without facing consequences, so you’ll have to make a duplicate for yourself. Strength training will drain your Stamina, so be sure to rest and recover before continuing on with your daily routine. A plastic copy of a key can be made with a Key Mold and Molten Plastic. To create Molten Plastic, collect either a Comb or a Toothbrush, and craft it together with one Lighter. Unlike Plastic Keys, Fake Keycards do not have a durability and can be used infinitely. The Escapists 2 - Guard Key Guide. As I said with this generator you’ll be able to generate UNLIMITED The Escapists 2 KEYS on what platform you want. In each multiplayer only room there is a Master Door only NPC's can acess. The last officer in the naming option will always carry the Work Key. Before attempting to steal a guard’s key in The Escapists 2, you’ll need to do a bit of planning first. While Fitness determines the amount of attacks you can perform in combat, Strength helps determine how much damage you’re doing with each attack. Yellow – Cell Key – can open the cell and entrance which would normally be locked.

When plotting your great escape in The Escapists 2, it’s important to understand your character stats and how they affect your overall capabilities.

Sorry, but trust me, I've tried. The Work Key is an item in The Escapists. However, when the guard wakes up and doesn't have the key, you will be sent to solitary. All rights reserved. Keys are obtained by knocking out a guard, and they are used to open certain doors, allowing you to access certain areas in the prison. Read more about our cookie policy.

all the prison routines in The Escapists 2. Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. It is a key that is used for going into utility areas such as the girls bathroom Warden Guards What if you pick up a key and then immediately quit the game? Learn how to make plastic copies of each key in The Escapists 2. Once you’ve maxed out your Intellect, all items will become available for use. because there would still be a bag left there after you left the game.

The Work key can open workroom doors, such as the janitor room. Red – Staff Key – opens areas prisoners cannot access, such as the generator.

Three of the stats can change instantly and therefore must be monitored in real time as you play, while the others can be improved over time throughout the game. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The dogs can even teleport into the vents if they want to! To steal one in Escapists 2, knock out the guard, try using either a Cup of Molten Chocolate or Makeshift Stungun and then quickly pinch his key. Of course, you can’t just take a guard’s key without facing consequences, so you’ll have to make a duplicate for yourself. so... sorry. If you are caught breaking the rules, then your Heat will increase. EDIT: AYYY They patched this almost right away.

Additionally, on the PC version of The Escapists 1, after preforming the Cell Key Glitch, you can simply take the guard's key and give them the glitched Cell Key, and you won't be sent to solitary. Using various exploits it's possible to keep the key itself. The duplicate cannot be used for making another mold, so you’ll have to repeat the process again if you want another Plastic Key. Given that you’re a prison inmate in The Escapists 2, it shouldn’t come as too much … In the Crafting menu, put the Wad of Putty and the Guard Key in the crafting slots and press Craft. This applies to any keys stolen from desks in Escapists 2, too.

You can also lose dog aggresion that are after your keys immediately. You can also place a key in an inmate's desk. A plastic copy of a key can be made with a Key Mold and Molten Plastic. To know which guard has which keys, simply knock them out and search their inventory. The Escapists 2 Serial Key Generator have an User-Friendly interface and get the latest Updates Automatically (a ... Proxy Mode that gives you a new IP every time when you open the program and that’s because is essential for us, to keep you in safety. Heat will soar to 99% during lockdown or escape attempts. That’s it! You will also need to have a certain level of Intelligence to successfully craft a Plastic Key.

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