twisted wonderland opening

If you don't wanna get roasted, better hand over -. Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the Disney game, Twisted-Wonderland! Depending on how close the subject and the photographer are, the picture could move like a video, or bring to life the situation in the photo. ♡ 1 full body colored ref pose 25$ each ♡ Twisted wonderland chibi 2$ each ♡ Full set ref deal!

Crowley: Come, we’re going to the opening ceremony now.

Heeeeee. If you think getting thrown out is gonna make me give up on getting in, you've got another thing coming! Choice 1: So those coffins were actually doors. The magic crystal for this chandelier was mined in the Dwarf's Mine. I'm outta here! #ask: lizziebolt #mod des.

Let's go! He's just gonna say that and leave!

Jeeeerk!! If it's just catching some stupid raccoon, can't you do it yourself, Teach? Please don’t forget to give us a LIKE and FOLLOW so you can be updated with the latest informations! Enjoy your life here to its fullest. If it was within her power, there wasn't anything she wouldn't do.

Before that: Give. → Then he got a magic lamp and became the most powerful sorcerer of all!

Hmm, well, the unbelievable has been on parade today. Those 100 windows should be clean in a flash. the school has to take responsibility as the owners of the Dark Mirror. [Twisted Wonderland] Prologue 1: Awakening Stranger! However, they are of a superior class that makes them prideful and egotistical people

Let me go!

Pfft! However, he was not born to be king, but he took the throne through effort and elaborate planning. Ha! Goodbye! It's so nasty! → Hmmm.. Actually, my teacher senses were telling me since the uproar during the entrance ceremony.. that you have talent as an animal or wild beast trainer.

Huuuuh?? My goodnesss.. You, what's your grade and name? ??? No way I'm washing a 100 windows. The market decided long age that carriages are used to welcome people on special days.

C-come forth! Do we have an agreement? But we'll be expelled without it.. We got the magic crystal! : Darn, people will come soon!I have to wear the uniform, fast…Nggggh!!

But... no matter how ... (mutters to himself).

I sense not a spark of magic from this one... An Ebony Carriage would absolutely never go to meet someone who can't use magic!

They're the "fight because they're so close" type.

Choice 2: Did something make a noise just now?

It's not uncommon for paintings to talk at this school.  To dream of getting roasted whole by a raccoon, how fresh! I threw out of the school, what are you doing here? A magic crystal..? Break them and it's off with your head. Care to help me, Riddle? Twisted Wonderland Commissions are open! A guy named Ace.

Light our way to Dwarfs' Mine! Aha! Let's go get the magic crystal while that thing can't move.

Did you sleep well? Guuhh... B-but... What exactly should we do? At the end of the tunnel, something... L-L-L-Let's get out of here!

The entrance is behind the East Building.

Would it hurt to remember your classmates' faces at least? We just have to get it done, right!

We're not gonna let you hide away! You're gonna get pranked. I am a model for all educators. ??? But...

??? Tomorrow, we aren't the handyman! Without a doubt, you have talent as a beast tamer!

Hey, look!

Ugh, every word out of your mouth ticks me off!!!

We're all relieved. I'm ticked off! Choice 1: Choice 1: Settle down you three. Choice 1: The monster is caught in the fire tornado! Let's skadaddle! Sure, Sure. Most definitely! Choice 2: Dreaming about getting roasted by a raccoon, that's a new one! She can summon lightning and storms, cover an entire country in thorns, her magic is on a whole other level. Noble and elegant, even within the Seven, she is top class in magic and curses! I entrust you with this. Furthermore, the most interesting part of this magic camera is that the souls of the photographer and the photographed become deeply connected and the Memory in the photo comes jumping out! I won't let you be the only one to escape! ??? Yes.

Crowley: The only ones who could enroll to this school are  with those excellent qualities as a magician, the ones who have been approved by the 'Mirror of Darkness’.The chosen ones are called into this academy through the 'door’, from all over the world.In your place, too, surely a black carriage carrying a 'door’ came to pick you up. I'm gonna leave you all in the dust and take the top spot! I'd like the two of you to show me how you exterminated those ghosts.

I'm not gonna overlook that "together" comment. and his sincerity won over Cerberus, the Hydra, even the Titans, to fight for him.

Laze about too long and you'll never wake up again. It started when that furball burned the Queen of Hearts' statue! Grim: Did you think you could run away from me! I'm done.

Aaaah.. Why did it turn into something like this?

Ahahahaha! U-uuuh... Deuce. Becoming a wizard is out of the question. No doubt he is extremely skilled.


You're kidding!?

Always try to earn himself points. For the day to come that students from Night Raven College to go hand-in-hand to face and defeat their enemy!

Choice 2: We just have to accept our fate.

Fffgyyyaaaaaaaaa!!!! You're really going to throw me!? Any way, I don't care how, just hit him hard!

Hi, I'm Leche and I translate stuff. Somebody, catch that raccoon! OOOOOOOOHHH!!!! Taking into consideration to its historical value, it would cost no less than a billion Madol.

Dumb human! You absolutely, absolutely have to give me the tuna!!! It's a most suitable way to report to me, right?

Then stay right there cowering like a spineless coward! I thought I'd just mess with you a bit, but you really blew my expectations away.

I'm sure the others couldn't stomach harassing the poor creature, so I will take it upon myself. ??? You damaged one of the Great Seven statues!?


I can go to this academy too...?

It's not fair for only you to get out of it! Hee, heeeeeeee! For the time being, you'll be permitted to stay in this dormitory for free. It's full-bodied, but also rich, with an aromatic sweetness that blooms in my mouth... Bleeeeegh.

→ Prologue ~Welcome to the Villains’ World~Prologue 1: Awakening Stranger!

Ooooh. You... really think it'll go as planned? I should freeze their legs, no, how about restrain them? But, other necessities you will have to provide for yourself. Aaah.

Chosen ones use the Gate and are summoned here from around the world. This was probably a lively home when Dwarfs' Mine flourished.  In other words, I was brought here by force by that carriage!? Use a bunch of awesome spells~.

The Great Grim that will become the greatest magician is me!

N-n-n-n-n-nope! Where's Ace! Pfft... Ahaha!

I'd forgotten that.

I'll have no trouble sneaking back into school. Choice 1: That's not something you do "in a flash! Savanaclaw, follow me.

I'll stop it!

Let me in the school instead!

No waaay! They say her prices were pretty high, though. Mmmgmm, I-I'm a genius. OOOOOOHHH sob sob sob!! Use the Gate in the Mirror Chamber to go directly to Dwarfs' Mine.

We're gonna catch Ace and make him do all the window washing!

Seeing as you have nothing to your name... Fufu, here is my proposition. Only those magicians seen as worthy by the Dark Mirror can attend this school. : It’s the room where you woke up - the room with a lot of doors lining up.Every student that enrolled into this room went through that door to come here.Usually, students don’t wake up until we open the door with a special key, but…, → Choice 2: We have to come up with a proper strategy.

All seven of them look pretty scary. → Let's head to the dormitory. I'd rather get expelled than fight that thing. ...I guess making excuses is pretty lame. !This lid is so heavy.If it has come to this… gonna have to use my last resort!Ngg…. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'm going back to do more research. Pyah! Cough, cough!! My fire is getting all twisted up!

Do you have nothing but cauldrons in your repertoire!? ーMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most….

Grim: That’s why I told you, I’m not a raccoon! I'd rather die than face expulsion!

This way you will receive special permission to remain on school grounds. To arbitrarily get out of the gate!Plus, to have a familiar that you have not tamed yet is against the school rules. Monsters really do have different tastes than us. It's a super old magic tool, right? What?

So this is Dwarfs' Mine.. We're all expelled if we don't get back with a magic crystal by tomorrow morning!

You have to practice a lot to use magic just as it comes to mind. It's going to end the same.

Leaving the Gate on your own! Don't screw with me! Twisted Wonderland is a mobile game developed by f4samurai and published by Aniplex and Disney, with the opening sequence done by A-1 Pictures.The game was released on March 18, 2020 for Android and iOS platforms, with the story writing and character designs done by Yana Toboso of Black Butler fame. Keep an eye on your surroundings and take memories as the supervisor. I have a general grasp of where all the students came from but I've never even heard that name before. Choice 2: I've got a bad feeling about this. Listen up, new students. Her purpose was to help all unfortunate merfolk.

And I'm the principal, appointed to take care of this academy by the board chairman, Dire Crowley. What's with this guy?

Waah. Nyaaa!?

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