viking dishwasher leaking

Salt loss (models with salt container): • Salt can destroy metal surfaces and cause rust damage. Change the dishwasher detergent if the results is still unsatisfactory. Wrong program selection: Select a program that washes at a higher temperature or takes a longer amount of time.

Some breakdowns can be eliminated easily using the tips from the troubleshooting table. Cancel the program by pressing the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds.

FC: Problems with hard water

Wiping with a damp cloth should remove spots from metal items.

Increase the amount of rinse agent and/or refill the rinse agent dispenser.

The cover may not be opening be opening because of improperly loaded items. Call water supplier and ask for local hardness in grains per gallon or ppm. In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Viking is voluntarily recalling certain Model 325 and Model 450 Viking 24" Dishwashers manufactured between May 26, 2010 and September 15, 2010. Rinse aid helps dishes to dry faster. The smell of a new machine disappears after a few wash cycles with detergent. Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suited for the dishwasher. Load dishes to prevent water and detergent from being trapped in or between items. NOTE: Use rinse aid with hard water only. Direct contact between these metals can cause permanent damage to silver. (Do not use on sterling silver or silverplate. Washing cutlery with worn surface quality: Cutlery of this type is not suited to dishwashers. If the door is opened during the heated dry cycle, the heating element comes back on after the door is closed.

Do not use abrasives on stainless steel or silver.

Check that both wash arms can rotate freely and that items do not obstruct the movement of the wash arms. Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suited for dishwashers. Adjust the water hardness level setting accordingly. • Pour two cups of vinegar into a bowl and set it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Adjust door tentioners (custom panel models only).

• Run the dishes through an entire wash program. Water should circulate freely.

In addition, no Model 200 Dishwashers are involved in the recall. This prevents water from dripping off dishes in the upper rack. Use a gentle household cleaner for the outside and the door seals, and rinse thoroughly. Utensils may not be secure or may have dropped from the rack. Using cutlery with a low surface quality: Cleaning of these items is made difficult by their poor surface structure.

If you own an affected product, instructions regarding the next steps will be included. Increase the dosage amount of rinse agent and/or refill the rinse agent dispenser. Dishes and cutlery of this type are not suited for the dishwasher. If necessary, clear the obstruction, refit the arms and check that they rotate freely. Unload the lower rack first. Check that you loaded the items according to the instructions in the owners guide.

Add detergent just before starting the dishwasher. Tea or coffee can stain cups. Food leftovers are staying on the dishes for too long: Remove coarse dirt under running water and carry out the Rinse and Hold program every two days without detergent.

Allow more drying time when using non-heat drying. Check the grounding of the system.

Use only fresh detergent. They may hit against each other during the washing process, causing scratches. Once you submit your information, you will be prompted as to whether or not your dishwasher is affected. Increase the amount of the detergent as per the program table. Check whether the lid of the salt container is firmly closed. From lasagna-encrusted casserole pans to delicate china, Viking Professional Dishwashers can handle every dish. Check to see that the water feed line is not crimped. Wash arms rotate poorly or standing still. Bleaches in cleaners lose their efficiency when stored under unfavorable conditions. Certain plastic materials are difficult to dry. To remove spots, use a nonabrasive cleaner. Make sure everything is securely placed in dishwasher. Store detergents in a dry location. Problems with leaking: Inspect the bottom of the appliance and the pipes to see whether there is a leakage.

In dishwashers manufactured between May 26, 2010 and September 15, 2010, an electrical connector to the dishwasher heater may fail resulting in overheating and creating a risk of fire. Make sure that the water pressure is between 18 and 176psi. Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suited for the dishwasher. Do not put stainless steel and silver Flatware in the same silverware basket compartment. Lift the arms and make sure that no grains of dirt, etc., retard the rotation of the wash arms. Rinse agent has accidentally leaked into the machine: If rinse agent has been spilled during refilling, remove the agent using a paper cloth or sponge. Hoses that are internal to the cabinet just come off which results in leaks… If you own a Viking dishwasher and suspect that your unit is affected by this recall or are unsure if your model is affected, please locate the model and serial number on your dishwasher and enter it into the form below. Check washing instructions for all plastic items to be sure they are dishwasher safe. Water may cause utensils to rattle.

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