vrak and vekar

Prince Vrak is one of the main antagonists and one of the most powerful enemies the Megaforce Rangers have faced throughout the 2013-2014 installment of the Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Sep 1, 2014. annonmyous. Sadistic Prince

Vrak however, prefers tricking his allies to their deaths rather than outright backstabbing them. Creepox Vrak Vekar Keeps Foiling Our Plans, Vrak Yes Hes A Idiot ...mmmm..... My Father Is Getting Mad He Needs Us To Win Fool, Vekar Ugh Levira Do Something To Destroy Vrak, Argus Im Sorry For This But Vekar And Vrak Are Fighting Over Ther Fathers Throne You Will Destroy Vrak Or Die, Argus Fools Then Violence Is Coming Your Way, Robo Knight Guys Vekar And Vrak Are Fighting For Ther Fathers Throne, Vrak Fool I've Had It With You Orion You And Your Pathetic Fools, Vekar Thats It The Megazord VekarZord Come, Damaras Fool Once Vrak Or The Rangers Destroy Him There Will Be Issues, Gia Hun Ya Super Mega Cann (shoots Vrak But He Dogers It), Vrak Hun Vekar Foolish Vekar Lets Fight VrakZord, Troy Guys We've Got To Stop This Befor They Destroy Each Other, Vrak Pathetic (shoots Vekar And Slashes Him They Both Slash Each Other), Vrak Hun You Fool I Told You Your Just Pathetic But You Are A Fool, Vekar Our Megazords Are Destroyed Because Of You You Doofus, Troy Ok Vekar Your On Your Own Give Up Or Die, Vekar And Vrak Both Send Monsters Down To Battle For Ther Fathers Throne. This would also have killed Orion if Robo Knight didn't save him at the cost of his own life. This is pretty nice work. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

Reply. Brainwashed Robo Knight into making him, his pawn.

Mass murderMass destructionTreasonBrainwashingKidnappingAttempted planetary destructionAttempted usurpation, Darkonda | He also told nobody from the Armada about his final plan with the drills except his loyal commanders. Vrak continued walking down to his laboratory.

Emperor Mavro would be considered worse than Vrak because he is the one behind the conflicts of Megaforce and Super Megaforce, drove Prince Vekar to destroying Orion's homeworld of Andresia and had his forces conquer untold numbers of planets (which would make the body count way higher) and treats Damaras and Levira horribly. ZombatsLoogies Warstar Toxic MutantsMetal AliceThe Messenger The Armada Attempted galactic conquestMass murderMass destructionTreasonBrainwashingKidnappingAttempted planetary destructionAttempted usurpation Serrator |

Kill Count

Prince Vekar Prince Vekar is the leader of the Armada fleet that attacked Earth and is first in line to the throne of his royal family. While Brajira outright kills her, Vrak simply lets her self destruct on his own.

Vexacus | He is the younger brother of Prince Vekar and the second son of Emperor Mavro, thus being one of the three members of the alien royal family. Prince Vekar is Vrak's older brother and first born of mavro the emperor and leader of the armada fleet that invades Earth. Intends to destroy the Earth completely with three giant drills that dig into it's core and make it blow up.

Prince Vrak is one of the main antoagonists and most powerful enemies the Mega Rangers have faced throughout Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Section heading.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Stole the Wild Sword so he can use it to destroy the city.

Before the invasion, Vekar overheard Mavro telling Damaras to babysit him which Vekar grew angry of and vowed to prove his worth to his father. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. A Gift from the Heart and Light is the twentieth episode of the second season of Power Rangers Harmony Force. Earth Armor

I know how you feel, I actually like Vekar since he’s so funny with his fits. He even uses electrical torture on the sword every time he tries to resist until Troy convinced it to their side. While he still didn't care about Vekar's death, Vrak doesn't even consider overthrowing his father Emperor Mavro, having been on his side since birth, and he claims that overthrowing Malkor is meant to prove to him and the entire royal family of his worth to lead. Vekar: It's bad enough Father liked you best, now I have to share MY body with YOU?!? That's okay to like both side. Cyborg form But he isn't considered Pure Evil like Vrak, because he does legitimately care for both him and his other son, Vekar and doesn't resort to much more sociopathic methods.

I made the Animated version of the brothers from megaforces. Vrak | While Vrak doesn't betray Mavro or the Armada, he is more of a sadist than even Brajira, who was a delusional villain with the intention of fulfilling his Gosei Angel mission to the most extreme, by "saving" the Earth at the cost of it's lifeforms by remaking the world into his own image.

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Worst Crimes Despite this, however, he is proven to be stronger than both of them respectively.

Allies XD Is it weird for me to like both the rangers AND the villains in a power rangers series?

Prince Vrak Kidnaps Orion and Robo Knight so he can steal the former's lifeforce, disable the Super Mega Mode, and increase his own power, giving him the ability to use the Mega Ranger's powers via three orbs. Vrak is a high-ranking member of both the Warstar and the Armada. Vrak Write the …

https://pure-evil-villains.fandom.com/wiki/Vrak?oldid=22442, He serves as Admiral Malkor's tactician while secretly planning to overthrow him, Tried to infect the entire population with Virox's Loogie transforming disease, Nearly kills everyone with Dizchord's music, which is painful to (most) human ears.

He is the oldest son of Emperor Mavro, the older brother of Vrak and one of the main antagonists of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

1 (with Robo Knight)Millions (attempted) Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. He serves Admiral Malkor and Prince Vekar and shares his rank as their second-in-command with Creepox and Damaras. On the other hand, while the above should be disqualifying factors of being Pure Evil, these aren't truly redeemable qualities. Has his own two commanders killed in order to become the last two of the drills, not that they themselves mind. ShapeshiftingMonster enlarging via ZombatsGosei OrbsEnergy blasts Retractable wings Sep 8, 2018. Reply. Vrak even made it clear about wanting the rangers to suffer before they die. He surpasses the other villains in terms of evil by his lack of empathy of both his comrades and enemies and heightened cruelty even by the standards of both evil groups. Vekar Ha (shoots VrakZord) Vrak Pathetic (shoots Vekar And Slashes Him They Both Slash Each Other) CRASH Vrak Hun You Fool I Told You Your Just Pathetic But You Are A Fool Vekar Our Megazords Are Destroyed Because Of You You Doofus Vrak Fool (leaves) Troy Ok Vekar Your On Your Own Give Up Or Die Vekar Pathetic (leaves) Vrak CREEPOX Attempted to destroy the earth's core using his drill machines. Power Rangers Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Finally, if he succeeded in destroying Earth, there would be nothing for the Armada to rule over, nothing to gain, and because the whole remake the world into his own image goal is absent from Power Rangers, as well as any mention of angels or the messiah, it makes it clear that Vrak's own needs and wants come first over the ambitions and ideology of the Armada, and he wants to destroy Earth for no reason other than pure pettiness and spite. Destroy the Megaforce RangersConquer or Destroy the EarthRule the universe as the Next Armada Emperor

He's ultimately ungrateful to Metal Alice, despite her loyalty to the point of saving his life from death, showing no sympathy to being badly damaged and berating her for failure before leaving her to self distruct. While initially it's because of not being recognized in his cyborg state, as soon as he somehow regains his organic state and his true form, that excuse flies out the window real quick. Queen Bansheera | Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Octomus the Master |

As for loyalty, he doesn't actually betray the Armada. Goals

Chen-Chan Hobbyist Digital Artist. Manipulates Creepox into being killed by the rangers and then manipulating the Toxic Mutants on his side. Vrak just letting Metal Alice die instead of doing it himself is technically even more sadistic than just destroying her outright as he takes the time to rub her failures into her face. He is the younger brother of Prince Vekar and the second son of Emperor Mavro, thus being one of the three members of the alien royal family. He is also more pragmatic, as he refrains from mistreating Metal Alice until it is no longer in his interests to keep her around and he listens to the Messenger when he advises him to go into hiding, as the Armada could not recognize him due to being converted into a cyborg, not to mention not destroying his remaining head, as was the case of Brajira killing Robogog. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Prince Vekar is the leader of the Armada fleet that attacked Earth and is first in line to the throne of his royal family.

Lord Drakkon.

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