Somewhere In America, the best shoe brand you’ve never heard of

SIA Culture Vulture 0.02 Cool Grey

Photo: SiaCollective

Somewhere in America, or SIA for short, is an independent streetwear brand founded by Devlin Carter, that has started to gain some serious traction. The shoe in particular that is getting a lot of attention is called the Culture Vulture 0.02, which is a lifestyle shoe that contains influences of a running shoe, and designer, Devlin Carter, has been releasing many different colorways of them slowly on his brands website.

The shoe features a knitted upper with a thick one piece out sole, but the most interesting part of the shoe is the unique lacing pattern. The thick rope laces are designed to be laced loosely, and either tied behind the heel, or loosely laced at the front. Similar to Kanye¬† West’s latest shoes, many of the colorways are also partly reflective, thanks to a 3M material woven into the knit.

Although SIA is still relatively unknown even to most sneakerheads, it has built up a loyal fan base, that has caused the different Culture Vulture 0.02’s to sell out very soon after they are put up for pre-order. Even though this will also be because of the small numbers of shoes being produced, SIA has built its brand from scratch, using only its designs to get it to the point its at. Even similar brands, like We Are Underdogs, have had to partner with influencers in order to get the same exposure.

SIA is still very much in its early stages, however what it has produced so far has been very promising. It looks like Devlin Carter is growing the brand slowly, but with such strong designs, and such a loyal fan base, the brand can only get bigger from here.