The D Rose 1, coming back after 10 years

Adidas D.Rose 1

Photos: US11

Derrick Rose has one of the most unique story’s in the league, exploding onto the scene as a rookie and being the youngest player to be awarded MVP, however not soon after, he was struck with a number of injury’s. His fans have stuck with him though, and now they are happy to see he is back to his scoring ways. His success on the court has also been matched with his shoe’s success off the court, as this season, Rose and Adidas revealed¬† the D Rose 10 in a number of colorways that have now sold out.

As a result of this success and to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the D Rose 1, Adidas have decided to Retro the shoe, so far in three colorways. The forbidden city version was released to celebrate Chinese new year, and the Simeon, and Roses colorways have come out over all-star weekend to much success.

This model is iconic for a lot of people, firstly because of what Derrick Rose did in this shoe, getting the MVP award after averaging over 25 points and 7.5 assists over the course of the season. Fans also fell in love with its lightweight and streamlined design, built for Rose’s speed and agility, and the defining feature of the shoe is its “open-ankle support mechanism,” that gives the otherwise low cut shoe some stability and ankle support.

As the model is 10 years old, it has been retro-ed predominantly as a lifestyle shoe, but it can still work as a performance shoe on the court, so if you are interested in getting yourself a pair, select sizes are still available on Adidas’ website.