The Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low and the rise in tear-away uppers

Travis Scott SB Dunk

Photo: Stadium Goods

Recently, Nike and Travis Scott’s latest creation, the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low, has brought back the SB Dunk trend once again, but it is not the only trend it has brought back. The shoe features a bandanna pattern on the upper that tears away over time to reveal an elephant print layer underneath.

This has been wildly popular as it gives the wearer the ability to customize their look and an incentive to wear their shoes, but Travis Scott isn’t the only one making tear-away uppers. Popular brand Clot has released a few Air Force 1’s in collaboration with Nike, all with tear-away uppers that reveal lasered leather underneath. Even Sean Wotherspoon has given it a go, posting an Air Max 1 with a tear-away upper on his Instagram .Clearly it has become quite the trend now because Nike, on their own, are releasing a “Tear-Away,” pack, including an Air Force 1 and an Air Max 98.

It makes sense that this trend is resurfacing at the same time as SB dunks are, because over a decade ago multiple SB’s were released that had a similar tear-away upper. An example is the Nike SB Dunk “Cheech and Chong,” that was released in 2011 to celebrate 4/20, that if you took scissors to the white upper, would expose a green suede.

Reasons for the recent boom in this styles popularity are that it gives the wearer a way to customize their shoe and make their own unique look. Also as distressed clothing, like Jeans, have become fashionable, so has the distressed look, although to a lesser extent, on a shoe.Skateboard culture has a history of beating up shoes and wearing them to the bone, so a second layer that will be worn away over time is a great way for a shoe to look new, as a result of it being worn.