What do we know about Zion’s signature shoe

Air Jordan 34 Bayou Boys

Photo: Nike

After being one of the biggest names to come into the NBA since LeBron James, Zion Williamson has been picked first in the 2019 NBA Draft and he was signed to Jordan Brand not long after. As the new face of the brand, rumors of his own shoe being revealed at all-star weekend circulated.

Now all-star weekend has came and went, and no more news about Zion Williamson’s shoe has been revealed, but it is still expected that the shoe will be announced by the end of this NBA season.

Jordan currently have given Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony their own signature shoe however as both players are getting old and losing appeal, Jordan have put most of their time into carrying on their main Jordan line, and Russel Westbrook’s Why Not models. This should all change soon though, as Zion is signed to a 5-year $75 million deal, and now that he is back from injury, and tearing up the league, they will surely want to capitalize on his success.

For now Zion Williamson, a long side all-star Jayson Tatum, has been the leading athlete for the Jordan 34. The shoe was even revealed by the 19 year old star making a between the legs dunk whilst wearing them. He has been given his own personal colorways of the Jordan 34, although they have been player exclusives so Zion fans will have to wait if they want to buy a pair of his shoes.

It shouldn’t be long until we hear more about Zion Williamson’s own shoe, so keep a look out for an announcement, although with his huge popularity, its won’t be too hard.